Cascadia Brewer's Alliance

Brewer's club of SW Washington


We meet at Tap Union Freehouse (duck through the curtain in the bottle room) on the first Thursday of every month, at 6:30pm. Come in through the front doors, we meet in the back room on the "wine" side of the store.

Our meeting themes:

We encourage meeting attendees to bring a beer which aligns with the current month's theme, but won't discourage you from bringing something else. In the same vein, beer is not the price of admission, we welcome your company at the meeting even if you're not bringing anything to share. If you do bring a beer which aligns with the theme, please have your recipe accesible, and be prepared to discuss with the group.

Mailing List

Our official club communications happen via a Google Group mailing list. Please sign up to make sure you stay up to date with the goings-on.


The club maintains a club-specific Slack workspace, join us and connect with other members. As well, many of the members participate on HomeBrew Chat, a Slack workspace with a global audience, join that group here!


If you attend more than two meetings/events with the CBA per year, we ask that you pay our modest dues of $15 each year, this helps us cover our club insurance. You can pay your dues online using our TidyHQ page