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Boneyard Beer Presents Punk Noodle Takeover and The Boneyard Feast

Brewpublic - Fri, 10/18/2019 - 10:43am
Later this month and in November, Boneyard Beer will host a couple of food related events. Led by Chef Ben Phillips, Punk Noodle Takeover will take place on October 28th and The Boneyard Feast on November 14th. Both events will take place at the Boneyard Pub in Bend. Here are additional details on both events. […]
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Pumpkin Junction kicks off today, runs through the weekend at The Beer Junction

Washington Beer News - Thu, 10/17/2019 - 1:11pm

By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

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Wind the clock back a few years and you’ll see that this time of year is all about pumpkin beer. Nowadays, its more about fresh hop beers, but the pumpkin brews are still out there. The Beer Junction in West Seattle has not forgotten. Sure, they’ve got a lot of fresh hop beers on tap right now, but they’ve made room for an array of pumpkin beers for the next few days. It’s Pumpkin Junction!

Here’s the announcement:

Today (Thursday 10/17/19) marks the kickoff of Pumpkin Junction, the annual celebration of pumpkin beers at The Beer Junction in West Seattle. The even runs through the weekend and offers 20 pumpkin beers (and some ciders) on tap. The full lineup is below.

Today (Thursday, be $2 off full size pours all day! Below are the 5 beers that will be on special tomorrow!

1. Postdoc: Pumpkin Scotch Ale
2. Rooftop: Pumpkin Pale Ale
3. Anderson Valley: Fal Hornin
4. Elysian: Night Owl
5. Anacortes: Halloweizen

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Fremont Brewing presents a Farm to Glass panel discussion with Skagit Valley Malting

Washington Beer News - Thu, 10/17/2019 - 9:59am

By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

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Hops are cool. Hops are sexy. Sometimes it seems that barley, and the other malted grains essential to the creation of beer, live in the shadow of hops, but real beer aficionados understand the importance of grain and the importance of the malting process. As the fresh hop season begins to wind down, why not spend an evening learning about grain with Fremont Brewing and Skagit Valley Malting?

Fremont Brewing presents its first-ever Farm to Glass panel discussion on Wednesday, October 23 at the Black Haron Lounge. Tickets are $20 on Eventbrite.

Date And Time
Wed, October 23, 2019
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM PDT

Black Heron Lounge at Fremont Brewing
3409 Woodland Park Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103

From the event Facebook page:

Join Fremont Brewing in the Black Heron Lounge for a panel discussion and Q&A with Skagit Valley Malting. Fremont Brewing will be hosting the first-ever Farm to Glass discussion, where we’ll chat about the importance of locally sourced ingredients and their impact on craft beer.

On October 23rd, our Brewers will be sitting down with friends from Skagit Valley Malting to learn about their history and the importance of locally sourced grains in craft beer. There are over 30,000 potential varieties of barley, wheat and other grains – offering endless flavor possibilities for craft brewers. Join us and discover how Fremont chooses malt for each beer and why we’re obsessed with sourcing locally.

Tickets include event admission along with 3-4 tastings (4 oz) of Black Heron Lounge beer featuring grains from Skagit Valley Malting. The Black Heron Lounge bar will also be open for you to purchase full pours of beer throughout the event.

Event schedule:
-6:30pm – Doors open
-7:00pm – Panel Discussion
-7:40pm – Open Q&A Session
-8:00pm – Sampling of malt along the brewing process
-9:00pm – Doors close

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Cooking with Beer by the Season – a New Cookbook by The Beeroness

Washington Beer News - Thu, 10/17/2019 - 8:45am

By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

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Beer lovers know the benefits and joys of seasonal beer. Sometimes seasonal beer styles take advantage of fresh ingredients, as in the most seasonal of all, bright and hoppy Fresh Hop beer.  Or on the flip side, winter beers are often rich and warming, as comfortable as sweater weather. Beer, like produce, is often best consumed when it’s fresh and seasonal, making for a natural concept for a beer pairing cookbook.

Brand new in the cookbook aisle, Lush: A Season-by-Season Celebration of Craft Beer and Produce is the newest release by Seattle’s own Jacquelyn “The Beeroness” Dodd. This attractive hard-cover cookbook features 80 recipes (with full-color photos shot by Dodd), pairing craft beer with the best of seasonally available produce. Organized by the season, Lush has recipes from baked goods to appetizers to casseroles. (Keep reading, there’s a sample recipe from the book below.)

Examples of recipes include Heirloom Tomato Tart with Summer Ale Whipped Mascarpone, Roasted Butternut Squash and Barrel-Aged Stout Carmelized Onion Pizza and Doppelbock Rutabega Mash with Lemon Confit Butter. At the cookbook release event, I sampled the Ginger Beer Scones, and I would pick up the cookbook just to make them at home – they were that good, with pronounced ginger flavor and a drizzle of sweet glaze.

Dodd has some serious chops when it comes to recipes that feature beer. She has been seen on the Today show and in publications like Food & Wine, Imbibe, Parade, 1889 and Draft. This is her third cookbook.

Speaking of things seasonal, this cookbook dropped just in time for the holiday shopping season. How handy! You can find it at or Barnes and Noble, or ask for it at your local independent book seller.

Stout Caramelized Leek Dip (photo by Jacquelyn Dodd)

For our readers, here’s a sample recipe from the book – a dip that would work well at a football party or holiday potluck:

Stout Caramelized Leek Dip

2 large leeks
4 tablespoons unsalted butter
1 tablespoon brown sugar
½ teaspoon salt
¼ cup stout beer
16 oz cream cheese, softened
1 cup (260g) sour cream
3 oz smoked gouda, shredded
1 teaspoon (6g) salt
1 teaspoon (3g) garlic powder
Chips or bread for serving

Thinly slice the leeks, discarding the green portion. Add the leeks and butter to a pot over medium heat sprinkle with brown sugar. Cook until starting to soften, stir in the salt and beer. Continue to cook until leeks have caramelized, about 20 minutes.

Add the cream cheese, sour cream, gouda, salt and pepper to a blender or food processor, process until smooth.

Add the leeks, pulse to combine.

Serve room temperature with chips or bread. Can be made up to three days in advance, dip is best the day after making.


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Saraveza To Celebrate its 11th Anniversary

Brewpublic - Thu, 10/17/2019 - 7:12am
Eleven years in, Saraveza continues serving a well curated rotating tap list and tasty bites in North Portland. On Saturday, October 19th, Saraveza will celebrate its 11th Anniversary with a day filled with craft beer! It was nearly one year ago when original owner Sarah Pederson announced that she was selling her beloved Wisconsin themed […]
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Reuben’s Brews 7th Annual Rye Beer Festival

Brewpublic - Thu, 10/17/2019 - 6:12am
If you’re a fan of rye beers, a visit to Reuben’s Brews is in order on Saturday, October 19th as the Seattle brewer will host the 7th Annual Rye Beer Festival. An amazing amount of 24 rye beers, all brewed by Reuben’s, will be on tap! Since the brewery’s beginnings in 2012, Reuben’s Brews has been a […]
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Little Beast Brewing Merit Badge S’mores Imperial Stout

Brewpublic - Thu, 10/17/2019 - 5:49am
Portland, OR — Little Beast Brewing announced today the upcoming release of Merit Badge S’mores Imperial Stout, the first beer in the brewery’s Maker Series. In Oregon, the beer is available beginning Saturday, October 26 at 12:00pm exclusively at the Little Beast Brewing Beer Garden in SE Portland. In Seattle, Merit Badge will be served […]
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This Saturday at Reuben’s Brews, 7th Annual Rye Fest

Washington Beer News - Wed, 10/16/2019 - 3:04pm

By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

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When Reuben’s Brews first opened seven years ago, one of the things that differentiated it from other local breweries was its use of rye in its beers. Sure, other breweries used rye on occasion, but Reuben’s Brews used it regularly and generously. Not in every beer, of course, but in some of the beers that first grabbed people’s attention.  They never backed down and continue to embrace the rye.

This Saturday, October 19th, Reuben’s Brews hosts its 7th Annual Rye Fest. The event is a celebration of rye beers and a celebration of the brewery’s utilization and exploration of rye malt, going back to Reuben’s Brews humble beginnings in 2012.

Saturday’s event is free and boasts a tap list featuring over 20 rye beers.

Wait. What? Twenty rye beers? Who does that? Reuben’s Brews, that’s who.

In addition to all the beers on tap, they will release two canned beers: Hazy Harvest, a 6% hazy IPA brewed with a dash of rye for a slight spice, and Roasted Rye IPA, a warmer winter IPA. Other rye favorites on the taplist include Roggenbier, American Brown, and American Rye. For the full tap list and to learn more about Rye Fest 2019, visit:

WHEN: Saturday, October 19, 11am – 10pm

WHERE: Reuben’s Brews Taproom, 5010 14th Ave NW, Seattle WA


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Beer Review – Public Coast Brewing Fresh Hop Honey Ale

Brewpublic - Wed, 10/16/2019 - 7:18am
Out along the Oregon Coast in Cannon Beach, Public Coast Brewing has released a very pleasant, yet intriguing fresh hop ale this harvest that’s part of the brewery’s Farm Stand Series. Fresh Hop Honey Ale incorporates the use of both honey that was raised on its Public Coast Farm in Banks, Oregon and freshly harvested […]
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North Coast Brewing Company Releases Cranberry-Quince Berliner Weisse

Brewpublic - Wed, 10/16/2019 - 3:30am
Located in Fort Bragg, along California’s scenic northern coastline, North Coast Brewing Company has released its fall seasonal beer with its Cranberry-Quince Berliner Weisse. Cranberry-Quince is a spontaneously soured Berliner Weisse that sits at 4.1% ABV. Brewed in the Berlin white style, Cranberry-Quince is made with quince fruit and the juice of Oregon cranberries. “We […]
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World Foods 2019 Cellar Fest

Brewpublic - Tue, 10/15/2019 - 11:45pm
This weekend World Foods – Portland will tap some of the top-rated beers in the world at its World Foods Cellar Fest. Taking place on Saturday, October 19 from 4:00-6:00pm, World Foods will tap four beers, one from Cantillon and three from Hill Farmstead. Advance tickets are available for $17.00 ($18.84 after fees) and can […]
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RingSide Steakhouse 75th Anniversary Celebration Dinner Series

Brewpublic - Tue, 10/15/2019 - 11:05pm
Seventy-five consecutive years in business is quite the success story. This fall, one of Portland’s most recognized classic restaurants, RingSide Steakhouse, is celebrating its 75th year in business. To commemorate this milestone, RingSide Steakhouse will host its 75th Anniversary Celebration Dinner Series that will take place on October 30th, November 6th, and November 20h. Since […]
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McCall, Idaho – a small town that’s big on beer

Washington Beer News - Tue, 10/15/2019 - 3:07pm

By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

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Life in a mountain town is a bit different than life in the city. To us city folk, it seems much more honest and much less complicated. Life in a town like McCall, Idaho is uncluttered. It’s not congested with superfluous nonsense you don’t really need.

Sleeping morning sidewalk. Downtown McCall, ID.

Generally, a small town offers just one of each of life’s essentials: one pharmacy, one hardware store, one grocery store, and so on. I suppose that’s why it surprised me to learn that McCall has three breweries. For a town with approximately 3,500 permanent residents, that’s impressive.

Payette River, north of town. Where the river meanders into the lake.

I recently ventured to McCall to explore the local beer scene and the surrounding environs. Here’s what I found.

McCall is not just some backwater burg tucked away in the hills of Southwestern Idaho, it’s a recreation destination and the population swells during the winter and again in the summer. I was told, anecdotally, that for every full-time resident, there are two part-time residents. That is, a lot of people who live in places like Boise, Seattle, Palm Springs and Phoenix own second homes in McCall. Many of those homes are available to other, less-regular visitors via services like VRBO.

Follow that truck!

Beyond beautiful slopes on which to ski, rugged mountains on which to bike, endless trails on which to hike, and a beautiful lake on which to sail and paddle, vacationers need beer, as do the town’s full-time residents.

Paddling the Payette River meander.

A Brew with a View

The rooftop deck at Salmon River Brewery is nothing short of spectacular, offering an expansive view of Payette Lake and the nearby mountains. Located atop a building next to the main brewpub, the large beer deck is serviced by its own bar and set of taps.

Rooftop at Salmon River Brewery.

The brewpub itself is built in the old train depot and oozes with charm. In its day, it was a diminutive depot and today that makes for a cozy and convivial pub. The beer menu is complemented by a selection of pub grub, featuring typical fare like fish and chips as well as street tacos, an elk burger, a Thai beef basil salad, and more.

There is something about an old train depot that wants to be a brewpub.

The range of beer is wide, seemingly divided by yeast types. The Blonde Sabbath, a Belgian-style blonde pours hazy-gold and offers a fruity, citrusy character along with some banana character provided by the yeast. The Shiver IPA is rock solid, with a nice piney finish as you might expect in a real Northwest-style IPA. Don’t miss the Big DIPA double IPA, an award-winning beer that was my favorite of the bunch.

Pro Tip: The brewery is right across the parking lot from Hotel McCall, which is a lovely boutique hotel. Charming, historic lodging offering the expected modern conveniences and a variety of room options. It’s close to the lake and close to everything else in downtown McCall.

McCall’s Original Brewpub

In 1994 American beer drinkers didn’t know the difference between an IPA and an ESB. Most big cities in the nation didn’t even have a brewpub yet, but McCall did.

Lodge-like and immediately familiar. McCall Brewing.

Located just a couple blocks up the street from Salmon River Brewery, sharing a parking lot with the town’s hardware store, the McCall Brewing brewpub is as comfortable as your oldest, most-favorite blue jeans. Its lodge-like interior features exposed, rough-hewn beams overhead and boot-worn floors underfoot. Atop the building, a rooftop deck provides an alfresco beer and food experience.

The food menu focuses largely on burgers and sandwiches, with a smaller selection of entrees and salads. People rave about the burgers, like the 1/2 pound McCall Burger that invites you to define your own selection of toppings. I highly recommend the beer cheese soup to accompany whatever else you decide to eat.

The Overhung IPA is an homage to the days when IPA was actually bitter, not just fruity and aromatic. Not yellow and hazy, but a ruddy brew with a strong malt backbone to support the substantially hoppy body. Hop heads will also appreciate the Hoppy Hippie Pale Ale, while those seeking something a bit different will enjoy the Lemon Ginger Hefeweizen, which uses real lemon zest and real ginger in the boil. Also, if you’re feeling particularly high-spirited, arm wrestle with the Wobbily Man Smoked Scotch Ale.

Broken Horn, Bloody Mary

Not far from downtown (in McCall, nothing is too far from downtown), Broken Horn Brewing operates its brewery and taproom near the local airport. In fact, there’s an unmistakable aviation theme to the taproom, like an overhead fan fashioned from an airplane propeller.

The taproom is beer-only. Meaning, it is not a brewpub and the only food available are some snack-type munchies. There is plenty of beer available, however. It’s a popular after-work hangout, where the local slurp down pints of the Initial Attack IPA and the Extended Attack Double IPA. Both of those beers are named to honor the McCall Smokejumper program, which has provided rapid deployment of wildland firefighting personnel and equipment whenever and wherever it is requested since 1943.

I called him Larry. His job is to tell you what’s on tap.

A personal favorite, the Hells Canyon Jalapeno beer is crisp and light with just enough malt body to support the pepper flavor, which is not too explosive. There are some earthy tones to the beer (from the vegetal nature of the peppers) and a creeping heat that does not distract but adds to the flavor of the beer. If you ask your bartender nicely, they might spare you a shot of Clamato juice. I’m not usually a fan of adulterating my beer, but this is an exception. The addition of the juice to this beer results in something remarkably reminiscent of a bloody mary, making this a great breakfast beer, especially when nursing a wee bit of a hangover. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Other Diversions

What happens at Foresters stays at Foresters.

Foresters Club – When the lights dim around town, and the evening wears into the night, be sure to visit The Foresters Club. It is not really a dive bar, but it does have some dive bar charm, like a no-nonsense bartender who you may think is rather surly and unwelcoming at first, but warms up once you’ve settled in at the bar. Place your order with confidence and try not to ask too many questions and you’ll be fine. Expect stiff drinks and a serviceable draft menu. There are a lot of gaming options, some local wildlife, and karaoke night is legendary (Thursdays).

The welcoming committee at Burgdorf Hotsprings.

Burgdorf Hotsprings – The word rustic is overused and too often misused, but there is perhaps no better word to describe Burgdorf Hotsprings, which is located about 30 miles from McCall in the Payette National Forest. Make the drive, spend a couple hours relaxing. An ancient, sacred place for indigenous people, the hot, healing waters were discovered by Chinese miners in the 1860s and by 1870 a German emigrant had turned the location into a resort. To some extent, it remains trapped in time and the ageless charm is undeniable.

The main, below-ground pool is fashioned out rough-cut timbers and the minerals in the water created a permanent, nature seal decades ago. Known as the lobster pots, two smaller spa-sized pools, each one hotter than the next, are best described as insanely hot and impossibly hot; however, it is worth attempting to endure the heat because the healing power of these waters is miraculous.

Rustic, yes. Expect ancient cabins, real outhouses, and the welcoming committee of goats and chickens freely roam on the property. The no-alcohol policy is thanks to some snowmobilers who got out of hand last winter. Snowmobiles are the only way to access Burgdorf in the winter.

McCall Lake Cruises – Payette Lake is a gem. It’s a big, beautiful mountain lake that invites all sorts of watersports. If you don’t have time or inclination to kayak, paddleboard, waterski, or windsurf, consider a cruise with McCall Lake Cruises aboard their 65-foot, 85-passenger tour boat, aptly named The Idaho.

I’m on a boat!

Order a locally brewed beer, or other libation, and kick back as the narrated, 90-minute tour educates you about the history of the area. Marvel at the mansions and lush properties that line the lakeshore. While the lake offers a lot of other opportunities for fun and adventure, a relaxing lake tour is a lovely way to see McCall from a different perspective.

People Gotta Eat

I have two breakfast recommendations. For a hearty, belly-busting morning meal and a bottomless cup of java, head to Ruby’s Kitchen and order one of the breakfast bowls. Below, the Bandito Bowl: hash browns, eggs, black beans, caramelized onions, guacamole, chorizo, with sour cream and salsa on the side. Mush it all up and get to work.

For something a bit less weighty to start the day, head to Stacy Cakes for coffee and pastries. The scones and muffins are wonderful, but there’s nothing wrong with starting off the day with a cupcake either. Don’t be surprised to see desserts from Stacy Cakes on menus at restaurants around town. It is legendary stuff.

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a leisure lover, McCall, Idaho has a lot to offer. If beer is part of your vacation plan, you’re in luck because this mountain town has more than its share, which is a beautiful thing.


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Beer Review – New Belgium and High Brew Coffee Nitro Cold Brew Cream Ale

Brewpublic - Tue, 10/15/2019 - 4:00am
As part of its Up Next Series of beers, New Belgium partners with High Brew Coffee on Coffee Nitro Cold Brew Cream Ale. The two beverage companies came together to celebrate National Coffee Day that took place on September 29th. The result is a satisfying beer that defies what one would expect prior to drinking […]
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Doomsday Brewing Presents the 6th Annual Zombie Brewfest

Brewpublic - Mon, 10/14/2019 - 11:00pm
Beer and horror come together this weekend in Washougal, Washington at Doomsday Brewing for its 6th Annual Zombie Brewfest. Taking place on Saturday, October 19th from 3:00-10:00pm, Doomsday Brewing will host a day of over 25 craft beers to be served. Each year at Zombie Brewfest, beer lovers walk amongst the living dead and strut […]
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Review of the NewAir 126-Can Freestanding Beverage Fridge

Brewpublic - Mon, 10/14/2019 - 7:39pm
Finding space to keep all of your beer cold can be a challenge. One solution can be a smaller, dedicated beer fridge such as the NewAir 126-Can Freestanding Beverage Fridge. NewAir, makers of mini-fridges among other household appliances recently reached out to us to try out and review the NewAir 126-Can Freestanding Beverage Fridge. After […]
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Georgetown Brewing stands victorious in the Brewery Battle

Washington Beer News - Mon, 10/14/2019 - 2:37pm

By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

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The Seattle Times just announced the winner of its Brewery Battle, a head-to-head competition that pitted local breweries against each other in, basically, a readers poll.

Perhaps the best thing about this Brewery Battle, it was conducted by The Seattle Times and not the Washington Beer Blog. That way you can blame them and not me when you see that your favorite brewery did not win the battle. Of course, you really cannot fault The Times. They conducted a fare-n-square tournament.

The staff at The Seattle Times started out by asking people to submit the names of breweries that deserved to be in the competition. Based on a couple thousand nominations, they built a tournament-style bracket pitting the breweries against each other. People voted in each matchup. The field was narrowed from 32 to 16, from 16 to 8, and so on until Georgetown Brewing stood toe-to-toe with Reuben’s Brews in the final matchup.

And the winner is…

Congratulations, Georgetown Brewing!

The folks at Georgetown Brewing are pretty humble and it is pretty damned hard to get them to toot their own horn, so I’ll do it for them. I could go on and on talking about the impressive medals they’ve won at some of the most prestigious beer competitions in the nation. I could rattle off all sorts of other accolades. Hell, they’ve won some darned impressive awards in the past couple weeks, but what impresses me the most is Georgetown Brewing’s commitment to philanthropy. Like many, many other local breweries, they rarely back down from an opportunity to support their community.

I mean no disrespect to any of the other community-focused breweries around here, but what Georgetown Brewing has done to support Ronald McDonald House with its annual Bob’s Brown Beer program is absolutely amazing. They don’t like to talk about numbers when they talk about Bob’s Brown Beer because that’s not the point and they don’t want their efforts to seem like some sort of publicity stunt. I respect that, but I’m just going to mention quietly that by now the amount they’ve donated to Ronald McDonald House must be on the north side of seven digits.

So congratulations, Georgetown Brewing. You deserve it. Your beers are awesome and so are your people. You support your fellow brewers, you support your community, and you never fail to fix my IPA jones. Thank you.

Other Notable Outcomes:

  • Reuben’s Brews, the runner-up, finished a few hundred votes behind Georgetown Brewing.
  • The closest race was between Populuxe Brewing and Machine House Brewing in Round 2. Populuxe nudged out the victory by just six votes.
  • Probably the biggest surprise, Fremont Brewing was knocked out relatively early. Shocking that such a kickass and beloved brewery got eliminated in Round 3. However, it should be noted that they fell to Georgetown Brewing, which eventually took home the whole enchilada.
  • Three of the area’s newer breweries performed well: Métier Brewing, Future Primitive Brewing, and Burke-Gilman Brewing made the top 32. I expect we’ll hear more from them in the future.

Read more about The Brewery Battle on The Seattle Times website.


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Zombie Brewfest this Saturday at Doomsday Brewing

Washington Beer News - Mon, 10/14/2019 - 9:05am

By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

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Join Doomsday Brewing this Saturday, October 19th for the 6th Annual Zombie Brewfest. The event includes live music, food, costumes, zombie-related fun, and beer from at least six local breweries. Here is more info about the event.

When: October 19th, 2019, 3:00 – 10:00

Where: Doomsday Brewing – Washougal, WA

Cost: $15 includes a Zombie souvenir glass and 8 beer sample tokens – Admission 21-and-Over

More information: Please visit the facebook page at

Instagram – @ZombieBrewfest and Twitter – @ZombieBrewfest


It’s time again for the 6th Annual EZ Propane Presents Zombie Brewfest!

Prepare yourself and meet us Saturday, October 19th, 2019 to do the Zombie shuffle to Doomsday Brewing Company 421 C st. Washougal, WA 98671. The bounty of beer and food begin with more than 25 craft beers poured for sampling.

Beer lovers walk amongst the living dead and strut those zombie costumes to enjoy over 25 craft beers and mingle with brewers at the event. Some of the highlighted breweries that will be showcasing their brews will be Beerded Brothers, The Heavy Metal Brewing Co., Shoug Brewing, Northwest Passage Craft Brewery, Trusty Brewing Co., Avid Cider Company and of course Doomsday Brewing.

There will also be a zombie costume contest. At 8:30 p.m., the Doomsday staff will pick five awesome costumes from the crowd, then the audience will vote for a winner. The first-place prize is a $50 gift card to Doomsday and the runner up will receive a free growler refill. Don’t have a costume, we have that taken care of too, you can get your makeup done by Glorified Glamour – Dawn Lotts during the Zombie Brewfest this Saturday. Prices will vary depending on what you would like done from $5 on up to $30+.

For the Food lovers, we will have a Doomsday Brewing reduced menu including a small pizza menu, sausage dogs, pretzels and garlic bread.

We are excited to welcome local Author Joseph Zuko will be here with his zombie book series.

Live music all night long starting at 7:00 pm with 100 Proof and Conflict Radio at 9:30 pm.

Your ticket includes 8 beer sample tokens, live music performances, access to food vendors and souvenir glasses for the first 300 ticket holders.

Zombie Brewfest T-shirts available for purchase for $15 and will match your Zombie souvenir tasting glass.

The event will run from 3:00 – 10:00PM with the last beer poured at 9:45PM. Parking is available around Doomsday Brewing Company.

A portion of the proceeds from Zombie Brewfest benefit West Columbia Gorge Humane Society, a nonprofit organization that helps animals.


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30 Years of Pike Brewing – An Interview with Charles Finkel

Brewpublic - Mon, 10/14/2019 - 8:02am
Nearly thirty years ago Charles and Rose Ann Finkel opened what was then known as Pike Place Brewery, now known a Pike Brewing Company. When the couple opened the brewery there were only 247 operating breweries in the United States. The Finkel’s began their life in brewing when the couple opened Merchant du Vin, an […]
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An Interview with Don Bryant – CEO of Legacy Breweries

Brewpublic - Sun, 10/13/2019 - 7:31pm
This past Friday, Legacy Breweries announced its latest brewery acquisitions of Laurelwood Brewing and Aspen Brewing. Back in April news hit that the newly formed Legacy Breweries, led by its CEO Don Bryant, purchased a majority stake in Eugene’s Ninkasi Brewing. Legacy Breweries is brewery group that has broad intentions of acquiring and working with […]
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