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Seattle no longer has the most breweries of any city in America

Washington Beer News - 5 hours 52 min ago

By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

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Chicago replaces Seattle as the city with the most breweries in America. Wait a minute. What?

It was a matter of some heated discussion last May when I published the news that Seattle had more breweries than any other city in America (see that story). I didn’t make it up. It was not fake news. The information, based on real data provided by a totally unconcerned, third-party data analytics firm, was met with the expected skepticism. People in Seattle, including many local beer lovers, just cannot bring themselves to admit that Seattle is cool.

According to some, regardless of what those numbers proved, Seattle is not nearly so cool as someplace else, where the grass is always greener, the beer is always cheaper, and the breweries are way, way better than our local breweries. Self-loathing, it’s a Seattle thing. You wouldn’t understand.

Well, all of you Seattle-haters can breath a sigh of relief and complain about something else. There is now a new report showing that Seattle is not the top city in terms of breweries. The only sad news I have for the many local, beer-loving Seattle-haters is that the new champion is not Portland, a fact that will likely make many people decry this as fake news.

Chicago tops this new list, with more breweries than any other city in America. Again, I’m not making this up. It’s based on real data compiled by a real data analyst that has no interest in who tops the list. In this case, the info comes from the Brewers Association.

The big change compared to the list I publicized last spring is that this new list is based on a different interpretation of “urban area.” The data I reported back in May was based on Metropolitan Statistical Areas. This study is based on a different interpretation of what constitutes the Great Seattle Area, or the Greater Portland Area, or however you want to say it.

Last spring, according to the data analysts at Datafiniti, Seattle was home to 173 breweries. According to the rankings just released by the Brewers Association, the Seattle area is now home to just 153. Unless you’ve been on better neural sedatives than me, you realize that there are more breweries around here now than there were back in May.

The thing is, it depends on how you interpret two important details: what is a brewery and what constitutes the Seattle area. As President Bill Clinton famously said, “It depends on what your definition of is is.”

So, according to this new information shared by the Brewers Association (an organization I trust) Chicago leads the way with 173 breweries, which I think is really cool, actually. Most of the other top beer cities are not surprising, but Chicago is not so widely recognized as a great beer town. Truth is, Chicago has a kickass beer scene that deserves accolades.

Here’s how it broke down according to Bart Watson, the chief economist for the Brewers Association. Remember, this has nothing to do with breweries per capita. Check out this cool interactive map.

  1. Chicago – 173
  2. Denver – 158
  3. Seattle – 153
  4. San Diego – 150
  5. Los Angeles – 146
  6. New York – 141
  7. Portland – 139
  8. Philadelphia – 113


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Reuben’s Brews is search of the next great home brewer

Washington Beer News - 7 hours 32 min ago

By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

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Reuben’s Brews just announced its 3rd annual Hop Idol Homebrew Contest. Entries are now being accepted. The winning brewer will get to brew their beer on the commercial brewing system at Reuben’s Brews. It will then be released at the company’s tasting rooms. See the official announcement below for more details.

By the way, did you notice that I said “tasting rooms?” We will have more news for you about the new, in-the-works Reuben’s Brews location soon. Stay tuned.

Reuben’s Brews’ Third Annual “Hop Idol” Homebrew Contest Now Open: Call For Entries

Reuben’s Brews is looking for the next great homebrew in the 3rd Annual “Hop Idol” Homebrew Contest. The winner of the competition will have the opportunity to brew his or her winning beer with the Reuben’s Brews team in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. The beer will then be released at the brewery’s tasting rooms in May, distributed throughout the Pacific Northwest, and entered into the Washington Beer Awards and the Pro-Am category at the 2019 Great American Beer Festival. Last year’s competition had over 116 entries from as near as Seattle to as far as Alabama. Entries must arrive between February 20 and February 27, 2019.

The Hop Idol Homebrew Contest accepts hop-forward brews, and contestants may enter up to five different beers. The program is a Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) certified homebrew competition. All entries are blind tasted and scored against the BJCP style guidelines for which they are entered, focusing on hoppy styles. Judging will take place on Saturday, March 2 with a winner announced on Friday, March 8.

Each submission requires a $5 entry fee, which will then be donated to support Seattle Children’s Hospital, Foundation and Research Institute. For complete contest rules and guidelines, as well as required entry recipe forms and shipping address, please visit:

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Beer Releases – Reuben’s Brews 3 Ryes Men Barleywine and Chocolate Box Stout

Washington Beer News - 8 hours 30 min ago

By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

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On Saturday, December 15th Reuben’s Brews releases this year’s vintage of Three Ryes Men (see what they did there), a 12.2 percent ABV Barleywine. They’ll also release the first beer in a new series of barrel-aged stouts: Chocolate Box Hazelnut Praline.

Here’s the release announcement from the brewery:

We’ve been saving some of the best for last! This Saturday will be the last big release of the year, with this year’s vintage of Three Ryes Men and the first beer in a forthcoming series of barrel-aged stouts: Chocolate Box: Hazelnut Praline.

This year’s Three Ryes Men is a 12.2% barleywine brewed with three kinds of rye, aged in a blend of bourbon barrels. It is a rich, spicy, and decadent beer with notes of cherry, chocolate and caramel perfect for the winter season. The 2017 vintage won Gold in the barleywine category at the North American Brewing Awards earlier this year.

Chocolate Box: Hazelnut Praline is the first in a series of barrel-aged beers designed around the theme of a British Cadbury Chocolate Box. This truffle of a beer was aged on hazelnuts, cocoa nibs, and whole vanilla beans after aging in bourbon barrels for almost a year. This is a 14% beer bursting with rich milk chocolate and hazelnut, with a silky, rich body. It is a treat.

Both beers are small batch releases and will be available in limited amounts in 22oz bottles at 11am on Saturday, as well as on tap. Limits will be announced later this week.

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Big Beers, Belgians & Barleywines Festival Returns January 10-12, 2019 to Breckenridge, Colorado

Brewpublic - 9 hours 33 min ago
Over the years we have read and heard first hand accounts about the beauty and the excitement of the Big Beers, Belgians & Barleywines Festival. Held each year in the Rocky Mountains this highly coveted festival brings the best of the best in craft beer to the high elevation of Colorado. Held at 9600 Feet, […]
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Rogue Ales Returns with Straight Outta Newport…Oregon

Brewpublic - 16 hours 8 min ago
Back for a limited time beginning in January 2019 is Straight Outta Newport…Oregon Double IPA from Rogue Ales & Spirits. This beer made its debut at the 2017 Oregon Brewers Festival and made its way into the Rogue canned beer lineup about one year ago. “This is our biggest and boldest IPA packed with ridiculous amounts […]
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2019 Hopwired Festival of Coffee Beers Returns to Vancouver, BC

Brewpublic - Tue, 12/11/2018 - 10:30pm
The Canucks are getting into the coffee beer game that we have been embracing here in Oregon and Washington for some time now. After a successful event last year, Hopwired Festival, presented by Espressotec and The World Famous CFOX, returns on February 23, 2019 to the Croatian Cultural Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia. “The festival […]
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Reuben’s Brews Presents the Third Annual Hop Idol Homebrew Contest

Brewpublic - Tue, 12/11/2018 - 10:25pm
The 3rd annual Hop Idol Homebrew Contest returns to Reuben’s Brews in February 2019 where the Seattle based brewer will bring together the area’s best homebrewers for a friendly competition. Entries must arrive between February 20 and February 27, 2019. The winning homebrewer will have the opportunity to brew his or her winning beer with […]
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Wolves & People Farmhouse Brewery Holiday Cellar Sale

Brewpublic - Tue, 12/11/2018 - 2:33pm
This weekend out in Newberg, Oregon, Wolves & People Farmhouse Brewery will host a Holiday Cellar Sale. The first cellar sale from the brewery will take place on Friday, December 14th from 2:00-8:00pm and Saturday, December 15th from Noon-8:00pm. Wolves & People have selected four of its bottles to offer a deep 20-30% discount on […]
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Good news for breweries as U.S. beer consumption continues to fall

Washington Beer News - Tue, 12/11/2018 - 11:24am

By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

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This is a story about the kinds of things that breweries need to understand these days in order to succeed in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Luckily, there are people out there gathering data and analyzing it for the industry. Also, it’s a story about us, America’s beer enthusiasts, and our drinking habits. Of course, our drinking habits relate directly to a brewery’s success.

Less Beer Every Year

For the last several years the beer industry has witnessed a steady, overall decline in the amount of beer Americans are consuming each year. Ten years ago, America consumed about 30 gallons per person per year. Last year, just 26.5 gallons per person per year. (Obviously, legal drinking age adults.) The decline has been slow and persistent for nearly two decades.

Sounds like bad news, eh? Among all of the noise about reduced consumption, there is some very good news, which comes from research conducted by Nielsen’s CGA division and analyzed by the Brewers Association in a report released last month. (Nielsen is a leading global information and measurement company that provides market research, insights and data about what people watch, listen to and buy. The Brewers Association is a trade organization representing America’s small, independent breweries.)

As overall beer consumption has slowly diminished, more and more breweries continue to open across the country. Literally, about 5,000 breweries opened in the last 10 years. In general, these new breweries are independent, small breweries. The kind often referred to as craft breweries.

Dwindling beer sales and an increasing number of breweries? What gives? A simple explanation is that Americans are drinking less beer, but more craft beer. That is, the mega-brands have seen declining sales while craft breweries have seen growth in sales. Modest growth in the last few years, to be sure, but it is still growth. It’s not all sunshine and roses, but the sky is not falling.

Beer enthusiasts like to believe that craft beer is the reason the mega-brands are suffering. That is, more and more people are making the switch to the good stuff. There may be a drop of truth in that, but one of the more realistic explanations is that other segments of the adult beverage industry are making hay at the expense of the big beer companies. People are putting down the Bud Light and picking up the spiked seltzer and hard lemonade, for example.

Sure, some people are graduating from Coors Light to India Pale Ale and Imperial Stout, but if that were the only reason for the overall decline in beer sales, well, there wouldn’t be an overall decline. It’d be more like a shift in sales from big beer to craft beer. There is some of that, but other forces are at work as well.

The unavoidable reality of dwindling beer consumption is not good news for the manufacturers of mega-beer, but things are a lot less dire for America’s small, independent breweries. Everyone would love to see overall beer consumption increase, but things could be worse and there is some good news for small, independent breweries.

Visit Breweries, Drink More Beer

The report from Nielsen and the recent analysis by the BA complements some other news that I reported a few months ago about on-premise beer sales at brewery taprooms. (See the story.) As that story pointed out, visiting breweries is now officially a thing. More and more people are visiting breweries these days, and they’re doing it to such a degree that it is impacting other types of drinking establishments. Good news for the local brewery taproom, but bad news for the corner bar.

So, ya, visiting breweries to spend drinking dollars is now a real thing. The really bright spot in all of this is that people who’ve visited breweries report that they’re drinking more beer. Couple that with the fact that more and more people are visiting breweries and it’s good news. I’m not sure how it can be interpreted as anything but a positive development. Overall, people are drinking less beer; however, more people are visiting breweries, and the people who visit breweries are drinking more beer.

According to Nielsen’s research, 29 percent of the people who visited breweries report that they drank “somewhat more” or “significantly more” beer than they did last year. All told, nearly 80 percent of the people who visited breweries last year say that they are drinking as much, or more beer than they did last year. Again, this news comes at a time when the overall numbers show that people are drinking less beer.

According to the study, people who did not visit a brewery were more likely to report a decrease in beer consumption. Fewer of them responded with the “somewhat more” or “significantly more” response.

Who is Visiting Breweries?

If you look at the study results (see the table below) you start to see who is really drinking more beer. Of that 29 percent who are drinking more or significantly more, people between the ages of 21 and 34 are more likely to have provided those favorable responses.

  • For that age group, 51 percent of respondents said that they drank more beer last year. Basically, millennials like to visit breweries and are drinking more beer.
  • For the 35-54 age group, just 29 percent reported an increase in consumption. That age group also likes to visit breweries and is drinking more beer, but not at quite the same rate.

When people visit breweries, they get more enthusiastic about beer. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Whatever the case, the correlation between visiting breweries and increased beer consumption is noteworthy. People who visit breweries are beer enthusiasts and there are more and more of those people in the world. Also, more and more of them are below the age of 35.

Looking at the overall group, 50 percent said their beer consumption didn’t change, with  29 percent reporting an increase in consumption. Among millennials, just 32 percent reported no change, with 51 percent reporting an increase. More of them said there was a change and more of them said it was for the positive. When I look at that, I see a target market.

The study also revealed why people visit breweries, ranking the top three responses.

  1. Ability to sample various beers (e.g. flights of beer).
  2. To learn about different beers.
  3. I know the beer will be fresh.

I am not sure if there is anything we can do to help change the minds of those people who responded with “significantly less beer” or “somewhat less beer.” Like I said, there are other forces at work. More choices, increased interest in health and wellness, and stuff like that.

Is there a tidy little conclusion to draw? Does all of this lead to a clear plan of action for breweries bent on success? I don’t know, but it is certainly noteworthy, especially if you’re putting together a marketing strategy for a brewery.

You can see more info about this Nielsen study here, along with a lot of other interesting, valuable market research.



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North Coast Brewing Company Announces Release of Barrel-Aged Old Rasputin XXI and Old Stock Ale Cellar Reserve

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Founders Brewing Announces 2019 Beer Release Calendar

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Founders Brewing has announced its 2019 Beer Releases Calendar and the coming year will see some new additions and a few changes to its beer lineup. The New Year will also bring the first time that one of Founders beers will be contract brewed. Three beers being added includes Blushing Monk, Imperial Stout and Green […]
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Great Notion Brewing To Release Bourbon Barrel Double Stack In Exclusive Gift Box

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Ring In 2019 At Bailey’s Taproom During New Year’s Eve 2018

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For the fourth consecutive year BREWPUBLIC is partnering with Bailey’s Taproom for its annual New Year’s Eve Party. As we countdown the hours until 2019 on December 31st, we have partnered with Bailey’s Taproom on curating a taplist with one of Seattle’s hottest breweries, Reuben’s Brews. Taking over a dozen or so of the 26 […]
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Hydro Flask Introduces New Unbound Series Cooler Pack + Tote

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When it comes to keeping your beverages either hot or cold, one company that has a strong reputation is Hydro Flask. The Bend, Oregon based company has been the leader in double wall, vacuum sealed containers, including its popular 64-ounce growler. Now Hydro Flask has released a cooler that will keep your beverages and food […]
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Belmont Station to Host Jim Parker Appreciation Day & Fundraiser

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Back on November 15th, Jim Parker suffered a stroke and is now beginning his long road to recovery. We hear that he is good spirits but as with any health issue, especially one of this magnitude the path to recovery will be a long one. Since Jim has been an integral part of the local […]
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Ecliptic Brewing Releases 2018 Orange Giant Barleywine

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Today, Saturday, December 8th, Ecliptic Brewing releases Orange Giant Barleywine at its brewery in North Portland. Ecliptic Brewing will be pouring a four-year vertical of this big, bold beer. There will also be vintage bottles for sale. Orange Giant Barleywine is named after the giant orange stars in the sky, this barleywine has a gratifying warming effect […]
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Breakside Brewery Hosts Giving Trees for Nonprofit Organization, New Avenues for Youth

Brewpublic - Sat, 12/08/2018 - 5:46am
For its latest nonprofit fundraiser, Breakside Brewery has partnered with New Avenues for Youth as the brewery’s charitable partner for the month of December. Donations are being collected for New Avenues for Youth, a local nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention and intervention of youth homelessness at Breakside Brewery – Slabtown. “We are grateful for […]
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Pura Vida Indy Beer Cup, in Costa Rica – entries wanted

Washington Beer News - Fri, 12/07/2018 - 1:44pm

By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

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Wait. What? Seriously? Say that again. Say it slowly to make sure I understand.

Asociacion de Cerveceros Artesanales de Costa Rica. In other words, Costa Rica has a craft brewers association! Those sweet words might actually hold the power to bring my Jimmy Buffet daydreams to life. Craft beer is a thing in Costa Rica! Who knew? This significantly increases the odds of my expatriation.

Attention independent breweries: Costa Rica wants your beer and is currently accepting entries for the Pura Vida Indie International Beer Cup (Pura Vida Indy Cup).

The Association of Craft Brewers of Costa Rica (ACACR) is accepting entries from independent commercial breweries from around the world for the 2nd Pura Vida Indie International Beer Cup, presented by Mastercard, to be held in San José, Costa Rica, from January 14 to 19, 2019.

According to organizers, the Pura Vida Indie Cup is the first international craft beer competition that is limited exclusively to independent breweries. Thirty-eight judges will evaluate more than 600 entries. In addition to providing feedback to the breweries, the event organizers hope that the competition and the associated beer fest will help bring worldwide awareness to Costa Rica’s craft beer movement.

“I’ve been to many beer [events] in the United States and around the world and this is one of the best organized and executed I’ve seen. Very impressed and honored to be involved,” says Peter Lengyel, co-owner and head of production and quality control at Kings County Brewers Collective, a brewery located in Brooklyn, New York.

The first edition of this event, held in December 2017, saw more than 400 entries from breweries in the United States, Mexico, Belgium, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, and beyond. Among the winners, breweries like Allagash Brewing, 4 Hands Brewing, and Chimay. Also, Costa Rican breweries like TreintayCinco, Calle Cimarrona, and Os Beer Company.

Pardon the rough translation of the following.

“The Central American craft beer movement has had an important development in recent years,” says Ignacio Castro, president of the ACACR, and director of the Cup. “With this Cup, we want to foster the bonds of brotherhood between the world community of independent brewers and measure Central American beer along with the best breweries in the world and judged by the most competent judges to raise the bar of independent beer quality.”

The Indie Pura Vida Cup is held in conjunction with Costa Rica’s Independent Beer Week (January 13 thru 20), which culminates with Indie Fest 2019, the seventh edition of the country’s most important craft beer festival. Beer Week events include a series of talks, seminars and meetings with the international judges that will evaluate beers for the competition. The Indie Fest 2019, presented by Mastercard, is a two-day festival featuring beers from independent craft breweries.

Breweries interested in participating in the Pura Vida Indie International Beer Cup should visit for more information. The deadline to register is December 15, 2018.


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Din Tai Fung, Chuckanut, and other things that are f****ing fun to say

Washington Beer News - Fri, 12/07/2018 - 10:14am

By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

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The word onomatopoeia is perfect. It is defined as a word formed to resemble, imitate or suggest the sound it describes. Thwack, boom, pop, and swoosh are a few examples of onomatopoeia. In itself, the word sounds oddly descriptive and is fun to say, which is why I think onomatopoeia is a perfect word. Curiously, onomatopoeia is itself a kind of onomatopoeia.

Language is most useful when it is fun and descriptive. That’s why swear words work so well, especially the “F” word, which is perhaps the most useful word in the entire English language. The greatest, most versatile, and oft-used curse word (a single word that is a verb, noun, adjective and pronoun), the “F” word carries such great impact in large part because of how it sounds: forceful, curt, compact and intense. Say it aloud and think about how it sounds compared to other words that mean the same thing. “The situation in Syria is so messed up,” for example. Replace that one word with the “F” word and voila, you get impact and deeper meaning.

So what does this have to do with beer and why am I talking about inappropriate language so close to holiest of holidays? Well, because Chuckanut Brewery has released a beloved seasonal beer, Chuckanut Dunkel. The beer that I have affectionately nicknamed Chuckadunk is perhaps my favorite beer from Bellingham’s esteemed brewery. Chuckanut Dunkel, or Chuckadunk, is fun to say, especially since it is such a tasty beer.

On top of that, I just learned that Chuckanut Brewery is now producing a beer, an Asian-style lager, for Din Tai Fung restaurants. Din Tai Fung is an other oddly fun thing to say. If you could get a pint of Chuckadunk at Din Tai Fung that’d be fucking fantastic! Still, I have no doubt that their Asian Lager is really great. That last statement would have been better said with the “F” word, yes?

Anyway, here’s a bunch of beer release information straight from Chuckanut Brewery. They’ve been busy!

Happy Holidays, hope you all enjoy this festive season and have a beer in hand for a toast to all the love that abounds this holiday season. And a great beer like Chuckanut makes it even better to celebrate. So to give you an update on what Chuckanut beers are available this December see below!

Lucky for all of us the Schwarzbier will be out in December. This medium body, black lager has bitter chocolate, slight toffee flavors with a smooth finish. The round, clean finish is crisp with a lingering espresso like aftertaste. Limited amounts available starting next week.

The Oat Lager is a new Chuckanut Beer. Blonde with a mild body and soft bitterness from the use of Hallertau Tradition hops this light lager has a slight fruity finish from the use of Arian hops. Full on flavor and body, this is not your typical light lager. Available in limited amounts now.

Baltic Porter will be released late in December. This is part of the Big Bier Series with an 8.2% ABV and 35 IBUs. It’s a very smooth, high alcohol lager with lots of roast malt & dark sugar flavors. Fruity, full bodied with hints of chocolate, port like flavors, coffee and raisins the Baltic Porter has been aged over three months! Only at selected accounts throughout the Sound and available in bottles at both Chuckanut locations and the Bellingham Downtown Co-Op.

Our seasonal Lager is the Dunkel, it’s won so many GABF and World Beer Cup Golds and Silvers it’s almost embarrassing! Totally true to the Dunkel Lager style it’s a classic malty, deep mahogany colored Munchener lager with balanced smooth toffee & chocolate notes! Available into February.

New World German Hop Ale is the seasonal ale for December. If you haven’t tried this new world ale you might want to get some. Copper colored, somewhat fruity but uses new varietal German hops that are bitter and fragrant, this is an easy drinking ale.

Our new Asian Style Lager made mostly for Din Tai Fung Restaurants but also available for other selected accounts is straw colored and uses rice flakes to give it its lightness in body. This lager is dry and nicely balanced with a touch of noble hop bitterness. Available at Din Tai Fung Restaurants and possibly at very selected accounts around the Sound.

We still have Fest Beer available so if you are celebrating Festivus this is the beer for you! We’ve discounted 1/2 bbl kegs so ask to see what the current pricing is for a real deal for the holidays. It’s great for parties because everyone loves it. Golden and deeper in flavor than most lighter colored beer it’s a great drinking beer.

You may be able to find some of our Rauch Marzen Lager available and the Rye Lager. These are special lagers that are only available in very limited quantities. Always balanced but with stronger flavors due to the smoked malts for the Rauch and Rye malts for the Rye lager, they are a special unusual treat for the educated beer drinker.

The first of the Big Bier Series is Bock and there are a few accounts serving up this very rich lager. More dried fruit flavors and toffee on this big bier. Like the Baltic it’s been aged over 3 months and only gets better as it sits. We usually save a keg until the spring or later in the year and tap it then, it becomes smoother with age! Both Chuckanut locations carry it in bottles and you might be able to find it at the Bellingham Co-Op.

And of course there is always our year round beers Pilsner, Kolsch, Vienna Lager and the Alt Bier. We’ve got you covered for great drinking beers. Chuckanut Brewery wishes everyone a fun, safe holiday season! Cheers to all!

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