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Worthy Brewing Rebrands Its Marketing To An Earth Friendly Message

Brewpublic - Mon, 03/18/2019 - 10:26pm
Next week beginning on March 25th, Worthy Brewing will begin its rebranding of its packaged beer and merchandise along with a new marketing message of Earth First. Beer Second. In addition to these new marketing initiatives, Worthy Brewing will also host an Earth Day celebration on Saturday, April 20th. The Bend brewer has also released […]
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March IPA Madness begins today at Latona Pub

Washington Beer News - Mon, 03/18/2019 - 5:38pm

By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

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Each year, while basketball fans turn their attention to the NCAA basketball tournament, IPA fans turn their attention to Latona Pub. This year they’ve made some changes, so pay attention.

March IPA Madness pits 16 IPAs against each other in head-to-head battle. There are two aspects to the tournament. First, fill out a bracket and make your predictions. Second, participate in the tastings and help pick the winners.

You have until March 21st to fill out your March IPA Madness bracket (see the list below). Make your predictions about which beer will advance from each bracket until you’ve picked the ultimate champion. The most accurate brackets will win prizes like brewery swag, gift certificates, and the opportunity to attend a Latona collaboration brew day and name the beer.

Pub patrons determine the winners via blind tastings. The victors move on in a bracketed tournament until a single champion stands alone. Latona Pub will have four IPAs on tap at the same time, on the same day. (Schedule below.) You can order a flight of four 4.5-ounce pours for $7. The beers will be numbered 1-4 and you’ll rank them based on blind tasting alone.

Brackets can be turned in at the Latona up until the second round starts (noon on March 21st.)

On April 1st they will tap the final four. The same days as a very important basketball game.

Tapping Dates:

Bracket 1 – 3/18
Standard – Ya, No, Totally IPA
Chainline – Tune Up IPA
Future Primitive – Green River IPA
Varietal – Future School IPA

Bracket 2 – 3/21
Stoup – Citra IPA
Big Time – Tanner IPA
Jellyfish – Smack IPA
Pike – Pike IPA

Bracket 3 – 3/25
Georgetown – Lucille IPA
Fortside – Orange Whip IPA
Seapine – Citra IPA
Skookum – Glow Inc. IPA

Bracket 4 – 3/28
Urban Family – Andy Doesn’t Know Yet IPA
Cloudburst – Some IPA, Probably
Brothers Cascadia – Out of the Weeds IPA
Reuben’s – Hazealicious IPA

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Populuxe Brewing celebrates 6th anniversary on March 23rd

Washington Beer News - Mon, 03/18/2019 - 9:09am

By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

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Populuxe Brewing to Celebrating its 6th Anniversary with a Retro Game Show Night

Here’s what the brewery has to say about this Saturday’s event:

On Saturday, March 23rd from noon to 10:00 PM, Populuxe Brewing will celebrate its 6th Anniversary by hosting a Retro Game Show Night emceed by the silly, yet stunning Betty Wetter.

The event, which is sponsored in part by Verity Credit Union, kicks off at noon. The first 20 customers will receive a free commemorative t-shirt with their beer purchase. There will be opportunities to spin the Wheel of Fortune throughout the day to win additional prizes.

At 5:00, attendees will have a chance to be a contestant on the Price is Right, competing to identify accurate pricing of merchandise for prizes.

At 7:30 teams of four can face off in a game of Family Feud, with a special final round between the Reuben’s Brews Family and Populuxe Brewing Family.

More details on how to be a contestant will be posted on Facebook and Instagram as the event nears.

Beer releases include Contestant #1 IPA, Contestant #2 IPA, Contestant #3 IPA and Survey Says Sour.

Contestant #1

West Coast IPA brewed with Experimental Hop 07270. Dank and resinous, this big IPA has a strong, spicy hop-forward character. Double dry hopped to really help the aroma of 07270 to fill the glass. 7.5%ABV, 65IBU

Contestant #2

An IPA brewed with Experimental Hop 10416, Contestant #2 has fruit forward orange, citrus, pine and mint aromas. A simple malt bill of organic 2-row and white wheat keep the hop character front and center. 6%ABV, 65IBU

Contestant #3

Buddahs Hand Lemondrop Brut IPA! This IPA is brewed with 100% Lemondrop hops with a Pilsner malt and Flaked Rice grist. Buddahs Hand was added post fermentation to help the citrusy Lemondrop hops really pop. Bone dry and bright! 6.5%ABV, 40IBU

Survey Says Sour

American Sour ale brewed with Soursop and Tangerine. Fruity and tart, this refreshing experimental sour bursts with tropical flavor. 5%, 1IBU

Peasant Food Manifesto will be onsite for all your dining and with cuisine mimicking the TV dinners of your youth.

Saturday, March 23rd, Noon – 10:00 PM

Populuxe Brewing, 826 NW 49th Street, Seattle WA 98107


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Baerlic Brewing to Release All Seeing IPA

Brewpublic - Mon, 03/18/2019 - 12:05am
A new hazy IPA is on the way from Baerlic Brewing when the Southeast Portland brewer releases All Seeing IPA on Tuesday, March 19, 2019. This New England inspired IPA will be hazy, juicy and bitter, a combination that is sure to intrigue any fan of the IPA style. The brewers at Baerlic decided to […]
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Redhook Brewery Offers its Big Ballard Imperial IPA in 3 Can Sizes

Brewpublic - Sun, 03/17/2019 - 10:20pm
Redhook Brewery has recently added a new package size of 19.2-ounce cans for its Big Ballard Imperial IPA. This new stovepipe can has joined the previously available 12-ounce and 16-ounce cans along with 12-ounce and 22-ounce bottles. The name for Big Ballard Imperial IPA pays tribute to the brewery’s original location in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. […]
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The legacy brewery blues and the Pokemonification of craft beer

Washington Beer News - Fri, 03/15/2019 - 10:47am

By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

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The independent craft breweries that deserve so much credit for starting and fueling the craft beer revolution of the past 30-plus years are facing a challenge these days. I call it the legacy brewery blues. If I had to draw a line, I’d say that any brewery nearing the 20-year milestone, or older, qualifies as a legacy brewery. Some would draw that line to include 10-year-old breweries, but that seems a bit unreasonable to me.

Some legacy breweries, like Deschutes Brewery, for example, are refusing to go down without a fight. They aren’t alone. Most legacy breweries are working hard to remain relevant as the craft beer industry that they created and nurtured charges headlong into the future. The breweries that are not at least trying to keep up will inevitably fall behind the ever-growing herd and face extinction.

If you can’t stand out, at least keep up

It is increasingly difficult for the nation’s oldest independent breweries to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Thing is, ten years ago there wasn’t a crowd. In the past decade, the number of breweries in America has swollen from about 1,500 to over 7,000. It’s a numbers game: with so many breweries, it is a challenge for any brewery, and especially long-established breweries, to attract the attention of today’s beer-drinking public.

On top of that, and this is tough news for some legacy breweries, the modern beer enthusiast has developed a thirst for the newest, the most obscure, and the most unobtainable beers. If they hope to survive, legacy breweries cannot rest on their laurels and continue to produce nothing but the same old beers, even if those are still great beers.

Of course, every brewery has its own set of circumstances and my assertion may not be true for all legacy breweries, like those operating successful brewpubs, for instance. There are plenty of stalwart legacy breweries that for one reason or another do not need to impress the cool kids and can just chug along as they always have. In addition to the things I talk about in this piece, there are plenty of other business concerns that impact a brewery’s success.

Sport Drinking

If a brewery wants to earn the admiration of the growing number of modernized beer drinkers, and attract some of their beautiful disposable income, it needs to understand something about the nature of the contemporary beer lover. Many of today’s aficionados chase after new beers like it’s a game. They’ve abandoned the act of casually enjoying a familiar, favorite, beloved beer and have replaced it with sport drinking—the act of hunting down new beers and upping their scores on apps like Untappd.

Think of it as the Pokemonification of craft beer. Whether they’re actually tracking their beer experiences on an app, that’s the way many people enjoy beer these days. For many ardent beer fans, the pursuit of something new, or rare, or unusual is what drives their drinking habits and, thus, their spending habits.

Establishments like The Beer Junction, Teku Tavern, and Chuck’s Hop Shop reflect this new way of drinking. Are there any beers on those tap lists that are always on tap? In the world in which legacy breweries used to exist, breweries could rely on a set number of regular handles. To a large extent, it just doesn’t work that way anymore. Getting on the list at the modernized beer hall requires something other than the same old same old.

“Yes, actually, I do mind if you join me.”

While visiting a local beer mecca not long ago, I happened to sidle up next to a fellow, random beer drinker. The time slipped away without so much as a nod in my direction. Eventually, I sipped my way through a pint as he worked his way through a taster flight (4-ounce pours) of various beers chosen from the massive, always-rotating selection of draft beers at this particular watering hole. Between sips, he was on his phone, checking-in to each beer on Untappd, maybe sharing photos on Instagram, and perhaps scoring his beers on Rate Beer or Beer Advocate, too.

He was polite, but I could tell that my attempts to start a conversation were not entirely welcome as he kept his head buried in his phone between sips.

“Have you had any of the beers from Future Primitive Brewing yet?” I eventually asked.

That got his attention. “I haven’t heard of them; are they new?” He quickly began to search for this new brewery on whatever app he was using.

I have always referred to beer as an inherently social beverage, one that brings friends, neighbors, and strangers together, but more and more it is becoming a social media beverage. I am not begrudging anyone for enjoying a beer in their own way or at their own breakneck pace, I’m just noting that the social aspect of drinking beer has changed. For breweries, this change is not necessarily a bad thing. There is some value in the Pokemonification of craft beer and the rising popularity of sport drinking.

The nature of a brewery’s reputation now depends in part on these shared, depersonalized, online experiences. People used to ask me, “What’s your favorite brewery?” Now they just pick up their phone and let an app or website tell them which breweries are worth their attention, and what beers are worth drinking.

For example, while conducting a tasting event a couple years ago, I met some beer geeks from Indiana who knew about Fremont Brewing only because B-Bomb is so highly rated on Beer Advocate and RateBeer. They had never even visited a state where Fremont Brewing’s beer is available. I met them while they were visiting the Northwest for the first time. They were positively giddy when I pulled out a bottle of B-Bomb.

If it wasn’t for the Pokemonification of craft beer, these people would know nothing of Fremont Brewing or B-Bomb, so if a legacy brewery wants to impress the cool kids these days, it needs to impress those kinds of people. The ones who treat beer drinking like they’re playing Pokemon.

“You kids and your newfangled beer apps, get off my lawn!” Don’t be that brewery.

The best place to find people is where they already are

There’s no social media cache in posting a photo of Samuel Adams Boston Lager on Instagram. The modern beer geek doesn’t earn any street cred by checking-in to Deschutes Brewery’s Black Butte Porter on UnTappd, although that is still a damn good beer.

Legacy breweries can still find an audience, but they need to find the people where they already are. If a brewery believes that their longevity, their decades-old reputation, and their position as an industry pioneer is enough to attract the attention of today’s growing craft beer audience, they are mistaken.

A brewery needs to give the modern ADD-afflicted beer connoisseur something new and different all the time. Some of the most successful, fastest-growing breweries are constantly introducing new beers, one-off-beers, variations of existing beers, and otherwise keeping the beer drinking public entertained and not just quenched.

When Steve Luke opened Cloudburst Brewing in 2016, he declared that he’d never make the same beer twice. Some people thought he was crazy; a brewery without a flagship beer? He wasn’t crazy. With few exceptions, he’s remained true to his word and his brewery is wildly popular because of it.

Reuben’s Brews, which celebrated its sixth anniversary last year, is another great example. In 2018, they produced 140 different beers (different recipes). For the modern beer hunter, this presents an irresistible challenge. Meanwhile, there are some legacy breweries that haven’t produced 140 different beers in their entire history.

Do not go gentle into that good night

Not long ago we reported that Deschutes Brewery, one of America’s greatest and oldest independent breweries, laid off 10 percent of its workforce. Many people took this as a sign that the industry was imploding and that legacy breweries like Deschutes would be the first to suffer. I am not so easily convinced.

In this case, the workforce cutback was not directly related to the brewery’s status as a legacy brewery; rather, the company says it ramped up for expansion that was never realized and eventually had to reduce what became unnecessary staffing. It was a miscalculation. The kind of business gaff that can impact breweries young and old. Whatever the case, Deschutes Brewery is not rolling over and showing the younger breweries its belly just yet.

At the same time that we learned about the layoffs, Deschutes Brewery announced that it had invested in a pilot brewing system with the intention of introducing a new series of experimental beers beginning in the fall of 2019. Also, the company will introduce a series of sour beers this summer.

Deschutes Brewery recently introduced three limited-release, small-batch beers: Black Mirror, an American-style black barleywine; Tempranillo Flanders, a unique beer that straddles the line between winemaking and brewing; and a collaboration beer brewed with Varietal Beer Company of Sunnyside, Washington (one of the newer breweries in the Pacific Northwest).

Those are the kinds of beers that attract the attention of modern beer enthusiasts, no matter how old the brewery.

There’s no telling how it will all turn out, but it seems Deschutes is facing the Pokemonification of craft beer by doubling-down on its efforts to continue innovating and evolving. At the very least, this is not a step in the wrong direction. Or even worse, a step in no direction at all.

As I stated earlier, there are a lot of factors that contribute to a brewery’s long-term success. The need to innovate, evolve and impress the cool kids is just an increasingly large piece of the puzzle. One thing is certain, if a legacy brewery isn’t willing to at least try to keep up with the herd, the herd will leave it behind for the wolves.


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This weekend local breweries celebrate St. Patrick’s Day 2019

Washington Beer News - Fri, 03/15/2019 - 9:25am

By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

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Some local breweries have plans to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this weekend, starting today. Below I share some info that has come my way. If you know of something I missed, and I certainly did, share what you know in the comments section below. (Picture above shamelessly pinched from Pike Brewing’s Facebook page.)

Airways Brewing – Kent. Friday – “Join us at the Tap Room on Friday, March 15, for the annual release of our Irish Stout, live music from the Surley Goats, and the Chicago West food truck. Over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, we’ll be serving up Irish inspired dishes at the Bistro. Be sure and follow us our social media to see what dishes our creative cooks come up with.”

Anderson School – Bothell – Three-Day Celebration (March 15-17) “Enjoy a performance by Chris Poage Band in Haynes Hall from 7-10 p.m. or listen to live music in the Shed from 1-7 p.m. by The Colm MacCartheigh Trio and Cavort Celtic. Food specials include Irish Stout, Irish Coffee, Irish Reuben, Corned Beef & Cabbage, Sheppard’s Pie and Irish Stew. Website. Similar events happening at other McMenamins locations.

Ballard Breweries Parade O’Pints – Seattle – Saturday, March 16th – All 11 of Ballard’s breweries are teaming up for the 2nd Annual St. Pat’s Parade O’Pints. The Seattle Firefighters Pipes and Drums will be playing all around the neighborhood and the Hale’s Ales double-decker bus will circulate between all of the breweries. A $5 donation is requested for the hop-on-hop-off bus, which will be donated to the Seattle Firefighters Pipe and Drum.

Chuckanut Brewery and Kitchen – Bellingham. Saturday & Sunday – “Come celebrate everyone’s favorite drinking holiday! Saturday & Sunday we will be getting in the spirit with GREEN BEER, Irish Stout, Irish food specials, Irish music, and patio games. Sláinte!”

Bainbridge Brewing – Winslow. Saturday – “Join Bainbridge Brewing, Psycho Sushi, and BI BBQ for a Saint Patrick’s Day celebration at our Brewery & Taproom Saturday, March 16th! We’ll have green versions of our Kommuter Kolsch and freshly released Bainier Light Lager, Food from BI BBQ 2:00 – 7:00 PM, and live music from Psycho Sushi 6:00 – 9:00 PM!”

Pike Brewing – Seattle. Sunday – This is part of a crawl (learn more).  “Join us at Tankard & Tun and The Pike Pub on St. Patrick’s Day. Celebrate with a pint of Pike Pils or Pike XXXXX Stout and the annual performance of the Elliot Bay Pipe Band, Seattle’s highland bagpipe and drum band. Performing traditional and contemporary Celtic music, their roaming performance will begin in the First Avenue vestibule at 5pm and travel through the restaurants. Come early to hear them warming up in the Tankard & Tun Chef’s Loft! Pike’s official 2019 St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl partner is Barcrawlerz. Bar crawl tickets can be purchased here and event wristbands will be honored during open hours in both The Pike Pub and Tankard & Tun.”

Big Time Brewing – Seattle. Sunday – “Come celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with us on Sunday. We will be serving up tasty Irish traditional meals which can be washed down with Buck Mulligan Stout. Elliott Bay Pipe Band will be performing at 8:30 so get here early to grab a seat.”

Floating Bridge Brewing St. Paw-tricks Day – Seattle. Sunday – What: Floating Bridge donates 20% for every pour purchased. Dogs get St. Paw-tricks Day bandana while supplies last. Special St. Puppy Beer Release of Schwarz Sour Ale. Because everything is Irish on St P’s day. Win: One Lucky Dog wins $100 to Wally Pets Supplies Wallingford. One Lucky Human wins a ramsey gear growler carrier. Why:
Seattle Puppy Raisers is non-profit and volunteer-based. They give homes and basic training to the puppies that are bred to become guide dogs for the blind.

Know of something we missed? Please share in the comments section below.


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32nd Annual Oregon Brewers Festival Goes 100% All Oregon

Brewpublic - Fri, 03/15/2019 - 5:51am
PORTLAND, Ore. (March 14, 2019) —  The Oregon Brewers Festival has announced details for this summer’s 32nd annual event, and for the first time in the festival’s history, it will feature 100 percent Oregon craft beers and ciders, with more than 85 of these being first-release products that will debut at the event. From Allegory to Zoiglhaus, the […]
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Ground Breaker Brewing Releases Dad’s Red Ale

Brewpublic - Fri, 03/15/2019 - 5:41am
This past year, Dad’s Red Ale was the grand prize winner of the 2018 Pacific Northwest Gluten-Free Homebrewing Competition. Now the winning homebrewer has partnered with Ground Breaker Brewing to release this award winning beer in 12-ounce cans. Dad’s Red Ale was created by Joe Morris, the founder of the gluten-free homebrewing club Zero Tolerance. […]
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Pyramid Brewing announces plan to combat hunger in Northwest communities

Washington Beer News - Thu, 03/14/2019 - 10:34am

By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

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Pyramid Brewing Company recently announced its Brews That Do campaign, an initiative created to combat hunger in the Pacific Northwest. In Washington, proceeds benefit Food Lifeline. In Oregon, proceeds benefit Oregon Food Bank.

The program will see the company donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each keg and case to local food-focused non-profits organizations. The company will donate $5 for each half-barrel keg, $2 for each sixth-barrel keg, and 50 cents for each case. Also, donations will be made based on some beer sales at the company’s Alehouse in Seattle.

Here are more details about the initiative.

Pyramid Brewing Co. Partnering With Food Lifeline and Oregon Food Bank for Hunger Relief Efforts in Pacific Northwest

Partnering with Food Lifeline and Oregon Food Bank, Pyramid Commits to Making a Long-Term Impact in the PNW

SEATTLE (March 7, 2019) – Pyramid Brewing Co. today announced the Brews That Do campaign, an initiative created to fight hunger in the Pacific Northwest in partnership with Columbia Distributing, Food Lifeline of Western Washingtonand Oregon Food Bank. Brews That Do will raise donations from all beers sold or poured for the remainder of the year.

Donations will be generated based on purchases of Pyramid Brewing as follows: $5 for each half barrel keg, $2 for each one-sixth barrel keg and 50 cents for each case.

Partner Columbia Distributing has again signed on for another community-focused collaboration with Pyramid Brewing. “It’s always an easy decision to partner with Pyramid on initiatives that give back to the communities where our collective employees live and work,” said Chris Steffanci, CEO of Columbia Distributing. “Putting a stop to hunger is very important for all of us. We’re thrilled to be included.”

The proceeds from kegs and cases sold in Washington will be donated to Food Lifeline of Western Washington, and product sold in Oregon will be donated to Oregon Food bank.

“We are proud to be giving back to the community and finding avenues to fight hunger,” said Bruce Kehe,  Marketing DirectorPyramid Brewing Co. “There is potential to generate more than $150,000 in donations for those in need. We are grateful to food  bank organizations such as  Food Lifeline and Oregon Food Bank for providing us with the opportunity to make an impact in our community.”

Contributions from our Alehouse location in Seattle, Washington will be based off of “Brewer’s Handle” beer, where $.50 of each pint is donated, $1 from every to-go 6-pack, and $.75 from all Crowlers sold.

“We are grateful to Pyramid Brewing for supporting hunger-relief in Oregon and Washington,” said Angela Querfeld, director of development, Oregon Food Bank. “Northwest food and beverage companies are uniquely positioned to make a difference in ending hunger in our communities – we’re excited to partner with Pyramid for Brews that Do!”

The Brews That Do Campaign was established as Pyramid Brewing recognized the need to aid the community. Pyramid and its employees have a continued dedication to volunteering time and resources to Food Lifeline of Western Washington. It is with great pride that the company announces this collaboration.

“We couldn’t be happier to partner with Pyramid Brewing this year in our continued efforts to end hunger in Western Washington,” said Linda Nageotte, president and CEO, Food Lifeline. “The fact that Food Lifeline and Pyramid are both homegrown makes it even more special.”

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5 Rights Brewing announces the opening of its new location in Marysville

Washington Beer News - Thu, 03/14/2019 - 9:27am

By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

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Last May we reported that 5 Rights Brewing was, essentially, abandoning its plans to open a brewery and taproom in Lake Stevens, WA. Today we are happy to share the news that 5 Rights Brewing has successfully navigated a significant detour and plans to open its new location in Marysville next weekend.

Photo from Instagram.

“After almost 3 years of some of the craziest ups and downs imaginable we are ecstatic to announce that we are finally opening up our new brewery and taproom to host you the RIGHT way,” the company said in an Instagram post. “Located in the historic Carr’s Harware Building on 3rd Street in Marysville, our new home is a dream come true… We know it’s been a long time coming and we are so grateful for our passionate 5 Rights family members… Your encouragement and support has been epic, to say the least, and it doesn’t hurt that you like to drink your share of the RIGHT beer.”

They will have 24 beers on tap, plus two ciders, one kombucha, and one root beer. The taproom is family-friendly and a food menu will be available from Wander Coffee Bar, another new business in historic downtown Marysville.

Keep an eye on Facebook for updates, but for now, mark the calendar.
Friday, March 22nd 2-10 PM
Saturday, March 23rd Noon-10 PM
Sunday, March 24th Noon-8 PM

Park and enter on the 2nd Street side of the building, where there is an abundance of free parking.

5 Rights Brewing
1514 3rd St
Marysville, WA 98270


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2 Towns Ciderhouse Partners With the Portland Thorns on Two Thorns Raspberry Rose Cider

Brewpublic - Thu, 03/14/2019 - 1:00am
In time for the Portland Thorns FC season, 2 Towns Ciderhouse is back with its cider that honors Portland’s lady soccer team. But for 2019, Two Thorns Raspberry Rose Cider will be more readily available as this cider is now part of its Spring Seasonal lineup in 12-ounce cans. “We’re always trying to innovate and […]
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Pelican Brewing Adds Pelican Pilsner to Year-Round Lineup

Brewpublic - Wed, 03/13/2019 - 9:53pm
Pacific City, Oregon (March 13, 2019)—Prost! Pelican Brewing Company this week releases Pelican Pilsner, a tasty German-style Pilsner that joins the year-round lineup of Pelican classics. The beer is available now as a draft-only delight at all Pelican brewpubs and other participating watering holes. Pelican Pilsner is a passport to tradition from the Pelican brewers. With a classic elegance and […]
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Chuckanut Brewery Celebrates 2019 Skagit Beer Week

Brewpublic - Wed, 03/13/2019 - 9:32pm
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MARCH 12, 2019 – It’s that time of year once again and Chuckanut is jumping on board with a calendar of events for Skagit Farm to Pint Beer Week March 23 through 30. This is the second year of events that bring beer lovers into Skagit Valley to get excited about craft […]
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2019 Nano Beer Fest Returns to John’s Marketplace

Brewpublic - Wed, 03/13/2019 - 9:18pm
With its beginnings dating back well over a decade, the 2019 Nano Bee Fest has announced its dates for its festival this year. The 2019 Nano Beer Fest will return to John’s Marketplace from Friday, April 26 through Sunday, April 27. Since the festival’s inception back in 2008 at Max’s Fanno Creek, the Nano Beer […]
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Georgetown Brewing breaks into the top 50

Washington Beer News - Wed, 03/13/2019 - 10:34am

By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

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Every year the Brewers Association releases its list of the Top 50 Craft Breweries in America. That is, its list of the 50 top-producing craft breweries in America based on sales volume. Some years, I publish it here on the Washington Beer Blog. When I do, there are usually a few people who only read the headline, don’t read the copy, and then immediately scroll down, hoping to find that their favorite brewery made the list. Again, this list has nothing to do with best.

Historically, the Top 50 Craft Breweries list is void of any breweries from Washington state, but in 2018 a local brewery finally cracked the top 50. Seattle’s Georgetown Brewing made the grade, coming in at number 41. It’s quite an impressive feat that they’ve grown to this size while still remaining, basically, a local brewery. Georgetown Brewing sells the vast majority of its beer right here in Washington. A lot of the other breweries on the list benefit from the pursuit of wider distribution.

The Brewers Association defines a craft brewery as one that is “small and independent,” among other things. Basically, this excludes the likes of Anheuser-Busch, MillerCoors, Elysian Brewing, Goose Island and other non-indie beer companies. Those breweries are included on a different list: the Top 50 Overall Brewing Companies. Comparing the two lists, 40 of the breweries on the Overall Breweries list are deemed small and independent (craft) by the Brewers Association. That is, 40 of the 50 biggest breweries qualify as craft breweries.

Based on sales volume, here is the list of the Top 50 Craft Breweries in America.

1 . D. G. Yuengling & Son Inc.
2. Boston Beer Co.
3. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
4. New Belgium Brewing Co.
5. Duvel Moortgat
6. Gambrinus
7 . Bell’s Brewery Inc.
8 . CANarchy
9 . Stone Brewing Co.
10. Deschutes Brewery
11. Artisanal Brewing Ventures
12. Brooklyn Brewery
13. Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
14. SweetWater Brewing Co.
15. Minhas Craft Brewery
16. New Glarus Brewing Co.
17. Matt Brewing Co.
18. Harpoon Brewery
19. Alaskan Brewing Co.
20. Great Lakes Brewing Co.
21. Abita Brewing Co.
22. Stevens Point Brewery
23. Odell Brewing Co.
24. Summit Brewing Co.
25. August Schell Brewing Co.
26. 21st Amendment Brewery
27. Troëgs Brewing Co.
28. Rhinegeist Brewery
29. Shipyard Brewing Co.
30. Allagash Brewing Co.
31. Long Trail Brewing Co.
32. Narragansett Brewing Co.
33. Flying Dog Brewery
34. Surly Brewing Company
35. Ninkasi Brewing Co.
36. Rogue Ales
37. Gordon Biersch Brewing Co.
38. Revolution Brewing
39. Three Floyds Brewing Co.
40. Karl Strauss Brewing Co.
41. Georgetown Brewing Co.
42. Uinta Brewing Co.
43. Wachusett Brewing Co.
44. Full Sail Brewing Co.
45. Modern Times Beer
46. North Coast Brewing Co.
47. Lost Coast Brewery
48. Saint Arnold Brewing Co.
49. Bear Republic Brewing Co.
50. Left Hand Brewing Company


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Beer Release and more – Gorilla Juice by Reuben’s Brews

Washington Beer News - Wed, 03/13/2019 - 9:53am

By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

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This Saturday (March 16) Reuben’s Brews releases Gorilla Juice Hazy IPA, a beer brewed in collaboration with Gorilla FC, a local Sounders booster organization. Here is more information about the beer, the program, and Saturday’s release.

THIS SATURDAY we will be OPENING EARLY at 10am for the early kickoff of the Seattle Sounders’ first away match at the Chicago Fire. In honor of this first away match we are releasing our collaboration with Gorilla FC, an official supporters group for the Sounders.

The Gorilla FC also have a charitable mission, utilizing the passion for soccer to support the Puget Sound community, and we’ve collaborated with them in the past to help raise funds for their projects. A portion of the sales of Gorilla Juice – along with a portion of sales of Crikey IPA on tap at Centurylink Field during home matches – is donated to the Gorilla FC charity.

Come join us at 10am Saturday to watch the match and raise a glass of Gorilla Juice!

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