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Beer O’Clock to Host Our Mutual Friend Brewing, Cerebral Brewing, and Weldwerks Brewing Tap Takeover

Brewpublic - Sun, 02/03/2019 - 9:46am
In time for President’s Day Weekend, Beer O’Clock will be hosting a special Colorado Brewery Tap Takeover at its location in downtown Portland. Three highly coveted breweries from Colorado will be making a very rare appearance here in Portland as Our Mutual Friend Brewing, Cerebral Brewing, and Weldwerks Brewing will be sending some beer to […]
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Celebrating the beers that made beer great – Flagship February

Washington Beer News - Fri, 02/01/2019 - 11:07am

By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

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I’m as guilty of it as anyone. When I walk into a place like The Beer Junction, Beer Star, Chuck’s Hop Shop, or any other place with a long and rotating draft list, my attention gravitates towards new beers, or at least new-to-me beers. In that way, I am very much the model of a modern craft beer enthusiast.

I’ve heard it referred to as Beer Attention Deficit Disorder (BADD), a concept recently penned by  Stephen Beaumont, a nationally recognized beer writer, but also used by other people such as me. Like a baby getting distracted by a jingly, shiny set of keys, many of today’s beer drinker are drawn compulsively towards anything new. We have replaced relaxing at the local pub with the thrill of the chase and the never ending quest to earn new badges and raise our scores on Untappd.

That’s cool, but there’s something to be said for the familiar. Sometimes beer is not part of an adventure. Sometimes it is like hanging out with your oldest friend. The one you’ve know for a long time. The one you trust the most. The one you do not judge. You just hang out and enjoy each other’s company.

With that, I would like  to introduce the concept of Flagship February. The whole thing was conceived by the aforementioned Stephen Beaumont. #FlagshipFebruary is a way to celebrate and appreciate the beers that made beer great again. It’s a hashtag that everyone can use to show their appreciation for, and their consumption of, beloved beers. Not the newest or shiniest beer, but the beers that made beer great.

So far, I know of two local, Washington pubs that plan to celebrate Flagship February. Beveridge Place Pub in West Seattle and The Red Hot in Tacoma. I don’t doubt there are others.

Starting today, Beveridge Place Pub will begin rotating flagship beers into the draft list. They’ll start with perhaps the most-flagship of all flagship beers, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. As tap space becomes available, expect other beers like Deschutes Black Butte Porter, Hale’s American Pale Ale, Pike Kilt Lifter, and Maritime Pacific Flagship Red Ale to find their way into the mix, along with many others.

The Red Hot will have a series of events celebrating  flagship beers from across the region. The Flagships of Bend, The Flagships of the Gorge, The Flagships of Fre-Lard, and so on. Follow along on Facebook to see what they’re up to.

If there are other bars celebrating #FlagshipFebruary, use the comments below to share what you know.


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Washington Brewers Guild climbs Capitol Hill, takes Olympia by storm

Washington Beer News - Fri, 02/01/2019 - 8:58am

By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

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The Washington Brewers Guild (WBG) is a non-profit trade organization dedicated to advancing the common interests of Washington craft brewers through legislative advocacy and brewer community building. That all sounds good, but what exactly does the WBG do?

On Monday, January 28th, the Washington Brewers Guild hosted its annual Legislative Hill Climb in Olympia, WA. Forty brewers representing 25 Washington breweries met with over 80 legislators to spread the good word of Washington craft beer, its positive impact on Washington’s economy, the industry’s role in jobs creation, and the work local brewers do to bring communities together and support local causes.

WBG members also advocated for legislation that would update rules for social media posts. Also, a bill that would require festival promoters to be licensed by the Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board.

The guy in the middle who doesn’t look like a brewer is House Speaker Frank Chopp.

Without getting into the details, you know those archaic and arcane liquor laws that make you scratch your head? Well, among other things, the WBG works to straighten those out. For example, the aforementioned rules for social media posts currently prevent breweries and their representatives from doing things like using social media to promote a brewers night event at a pub. The WBG is working with lawmakers to change those rules.

After the hill climb, the WBG capped off the day with a reception for legislators and staff, which they co-hosted with their state’s hospitality and wine associations where WA beer was prominently showcased and paired with food from local restaurants. If you want your legislators to support their local breweries, handing them a local beer is a good way to get started.


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Oregon Brewers Guild Officially Announced Its New Co-Executive Directors – Christina LaRue and Tony Roberts

Brewpublic - Fri, 02/01/2019 - 8:14am
Earlier this week we learned that Oregon Brewers Guild (OBG) has hired the replacement(s) for former longtime Executive Director Brian Butenschoen when the OBG sent out the announcement for the upcoming 2019 Zwickelmania. Butenschoen abruptly departed as Executive Director this past fall and since this time there has been no public face of the OBG, […]
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The Beer Here – A Busy Beer Weekend Kicks Off February 2019

Brewpublic - Thu, 01/31/2019 - 4:36pm
A busy weekend of beer kicks off tonight and continues into the first full weekend of February 2019 with beer releases, beer brunches and celebrations throughout the Portland area. Grains of Wrath Pandemic Hazy IPA Release Party 5-8 pm, Thursday Jan 31, The BeerMongers, 1125 SE Division St.; Grains of Wrath has been making delicious […]
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New series of cans from Iron Horse Brewery features work from local artist

Washington Beer News - Thu, 01/31/2019 - 3:47pm

By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

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The first release in Iron Horse Brewery’s new Artist Series is a local favorite, 509 NW Mild Ale, a beer that the brewery describes as being almost a pale ale. The Artist Series will be an ongoing series of beer labels designed by local artists. The new, limited release 16-ounce cans feature label artwork by local artist Justin Gibbens.

The official release is Friday, February 1st at the company’s pub in downtown Ellensburg. The artist will be there to discuss his work and autograph limited edition prints.

Gibbens, an artist from the nearby town of Thorp, was inspired by American regionalism, specifically Grant Wood’s American Gothic, the famous painting depicting two farmers, a man and woman, standing in front of their farmhouse.

The artist says, “When I found out it was a reboot of the 509, we started thinking, Okay, how could we make an image that would speak to that? …kind of thinking something bucolic, something rural, something rustic, but maybe also something that would bring my own personal aesthetic and influence, which would be a lot of naturalism and wildlife.”

The 509 is a beer that Iron Horse Brewery designed to be an easy-drinking beer for working people, like the many people who work the farms in Kittitas County and other parts of the 509 area code.

This limited release of 509 will be distributed in both a 4-packs and in single 16-ounce cans and will be available throughout Washington. It will also be available for purchase at the Iron Horse pub in Ellensburg.

The release party on February 1st is scheduled from 5:00 – 7:00, coinciding with the town’s First Friday Art Walk.

A portion of the sales from the prints will help fund arts education classes chosen by the artist. To view more work by Justin Gibbens, visit .


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Here’s my Belgian Fest Top Ten list – tickets still available for Saturday’s event

Washington Beer News - Thu, 01/31/2019 - 2:28pm

By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

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Seattle’s celebration of Washington-brewed, Belgian-inspired beers is here! Time for Belgian Fest! This annual beer events, one of Seattle’s most popular, happens this Saturday at Seattle Center. You can see our previous post for more details, or check out the official website for more info and tickets.

We are hearing that tickets are all but extinct for the afternoon session, but there are still some available for the evening session. BTW – this year a DJ will be spinning tunes during the evening session.

Here is my cheat sheet for this year’s Belgian Fest. Call it a Top Ten list if you like, but truthfully it’s just a list of beers that either catch my eye or that have already captured my fancy.

You can peruse the entire list of all of the Belgian Fest beers here.

Bale Breaker Brewing – Nouvelle Abbeye Tripel IPA (ABV 8.5% / IBU 39) -Nouvelle Abbaye (French for New Abbey) is an interpretation of a classic Belgian Trappist ale. However, we dry hopped this beer with a generous amount of Citra—hence the term Tripel IPA.

It’s been said that the French language has 130 words for “wine,” but not even one word for “hops.” Okay, I made that up. When Bale Breaker says “generous amount of Citra…” they are speaking my language. 

Black Raven Brewing – sQuad of Ravens (ABV 10.6%) – This Belgian Quadrupel greets your nose with caramel and toast while brulee torched sugar and back molasses meet figs and dates.  Malt and dark stone fruit sweetness pervade the aftertaste.

They had me at “brulee-torched sugar and back molasses meet figs and dates.”


Elliott Bay Brewing – DE RODE DUIVELS (The Red Devils) (ABV 4.5%) – Sour Red Ale made up of a blend of beers aged in wine and bourbon barrels for 8 and 11 months. Hints of red wine with some vanilla sweetness from the bourbon barrels for balance.

Of all the sour beer styles, sour red ales are my favorite. Add to that Elliott Bay’s growing reputation for its outstanding barrel-aged beers. Sign me up. 

Figurehead Brewing – Midwho?!? (barrel aged saison w/ cherries) (ABV 9%) – Second Session Only
Belgian Fest experiment #2. We took the wort from our GABF gold medal winning Midwatch Belgian-style dark strong, fermented it with a saison yeast, then aged it in a whiskey barrel with a crap ton of cherries. Only 5 gallons of this beer so stop by early.

People always ask me, “What’s your favorite brewery?” I don’t like that question. I stutter and stammer too answer because there are so many. A better question might be, “What’s the best brewery I’ve never heard of?” I can actually answer that question with a list, and this brewery is on it.

Fremont Brewing  – Waves Of Light (ABV 5.8% / IBU 45) – Foeder fermented and aged saison, lightly dry hopped with Loral and Wakatu hops. Notes of clove, bubble gum and straw.

I am not a fan of bubble gum, but when that term is used to describe hops, whatever that flavor is, I am definitely a fan of that. Knowing Fremont Brewing, and reading that description, I have trouble imagining this beer being anything but great.

Ghostfish Brewing – 4th Anniversary Belgian Quadrupel (ABV 9.0% / IBU 26) – Inspired by the Trappist brewers of Belgium, our version is full bodied with a rich and malty palate and aged on PNW sweet cherries. This beer commemorates the four magnificent years of Ghostfish existence!

How do you make a big beer like this without using gluten-rich barley and other “traditional” grains? Ghostfish, arguably the nation’s best GF brewery, has some kind of gluten-free magic happening.

Propolis Brewing – Chaga (ABV 8.0%) – Farmhouse Stout brewed with oats, black walnut hull and chaga mushroom.  Cognac vat washed.

Uh, what? I mean really, who does that? I love Propolis because I’m pretty sure they have no idea how cool they are.


Silver City Brewery – 2018 Foxy Lady (ABV 6.2%) – Flanders Red on Cherries 2018 Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal Winner Belgian-Style Fruit Beer

GABF gold-medal beer named after a Jimi Hendrix song. Good enough for me. 

Sound Brewery – Monk’s Indiscretion (ABV 10%) – Dry hopped, and fermented with an aromatic Belgian yeast strain, Monk’s Indiscretion has an intense tropical hoppy aroma and flavor, with balanced bitterness, and is scarily drinkable for such a strong beer.  2 times NABA Award winner and 2011 US Beer Open Gold Medal Winner.

One of my personal favorites for years. I was so proud when it won those medals, proving that I actually do know something about beer. I bet the brewery was proud too. 

Wander Brewing – Wild Warehouse Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Ale (ABV 6.8%) – Farmhouse ale aged 12 months in Chardonnay barrels.

I love how the brewery’s description of this outstanding beer is so unassuming and so modest. When it comes to wine, I am not usually a fan of Chardonnay. Nice to know that Chardonnay actually does have a purpose; the barrels are great for making beer. Another GABF gold-medal beer. 

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Doomsday Brewing announces plan to open a third location

Washington Beer News - Thu, 01/31/2019 - 10:37am

By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

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Doomsday Brewing opened its first location in 2014, a brewpub in Washougal, Washington. Then in 2016 the company opened a second location, the Doomsday Brewing Safehouse in downtown Vancouver–a taproom and pizza place. Today Doomsday Brewing announced its plans to open a third location in nearby Hazel Dell. Like the other locations, the focus will be handcrafted beer and artisan pizza.

Here is the press release about Doomsday Brewing’s latest expansion plan.

Doomsday Brewing Company Announces Expansion To Hazel Dell

Family Friendly Pub Featuring Artisan Pizza

Vancouver, WA. January 30, 2019 — Today, Doomsday Brewing Company, a local microbrewery specializing in small batch craft beer and artisan pizza, announced that they have expanded with a third location at Hazel Dell Towne Center in Vancouver, WA after negotiating a lease since September 2018. Following the successful opening of their Washougal, WA brewpub in 2014 and their downtown Vancouver, WA taproom in 2016, this location is scheduled to open in May/June 2019.

The yet to be named Hazel Dell location will be 3000 Sq/ft with an addition 600 Sq/ft patio. It will feature Doomsday Brewing craft beer, local hard cider, and local wine. The pub will be offering beer to-go in cans and growlers. The food menu will include artisan pizza, salads, wraps, sausage dogs and appetizers. They will of course be family friendly during all hours of operation.

Erik Cloe and Jake Walton, the owners of Doomsday Brewing Company, said: “We are excited to bring our family friendly pub and pizza concept from our headquarters in Washougal, WA to where we both currently live. This part of Hazel Dell has experienced massive growth in that past couple years, we are proud to offer our small batch craft beer and artisan pizza to the community.”


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New brewery in West Seattle opening soon – Best of Hands Barrelhouse

Washington Beer News - Thu, 01/31/2019 - 8:56am

By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

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Best of Hands Barrelhouse is putting the final touches on its soon-to-be-open brewery and taproom in West Seattle. The next major development will involve returning the life-size cow to the roof of the building.

Yes, I said cow.

The location was previously the home of John’s Corner Deli, pictured below, a neighborhood convenience store noted for the big cow that has lived on the roof of the building for many decades. In May 2018 the cow was cownapped by students at nearby Chief Sealth High School (read about it on the West Seattle Blog). The cow has a long history involving various high school pranks but has always found its way home to the corner of 35th Ave. SW and SW Webster Street. This time the kids broke one of the cow’s legs, which required repairs.

Photo courtesy West Seattle Blog.

Once the cow has been returned and secured to the roof, they’ll finish up some work on the taproom and ready themselves to welcome local beer lovers on March 8th.

Beer is already in the tanks. I stopped by the other day and found them brewing an IPA. They told me a Baltic Porter was next in line. Where Best of Hands Barrelhouse plans to differentiate itself is with more eclectic beers, like mixed-fermentation, barrel-aged sours and European-inspired farmhouse ales. The goal is to have something for everyone, but something special for those of us who gravitate towards more adventurous beers.

Behind the scenes, you’ll find two guys that local beer lovers might recognize: Nick Marianetti and Gregory Marlor, who have both spent plenty of time slinging suds at The Beer Junction in West Seattle. In fact, I am quite certain Nick was the very first bartender when the business expanded and moved around the corner to its current location on California Avenue seven years ago.

Beyond tending bar, Nick and Gregory (pictured below) are experienced home brewers. Each of the two is also a Level 2 Certified Cicerone®. They will share the brewing and beertending duties at Best of Hands Barrelhouse. They are producing the beers on a six-barrel brewing system (approx). As the name suggests, barrels are part of the plan.

Along with Nick and Gregory’s beers, guests will enjoy a comfortable taproom that will offer up to 20 beers on tap, mostly house-brewed beers but guest taps are not out of the question. The room’s seating capacity is 85, with room for more on the patio. A nice long bar that looks like it will seat up to 20 people and a white tile wall behind the taps highlight the interior thus far. Furniture is on the way and I opted not to take any photos until the taproom is ready for it.

Along with Nick and Gregory, a third partner, Chris Richardson, helped bring the plan to life. It hasn’t been easy or quick. It’s been two long years of planning, permitting and construction work. Not to mention the incident involving the rooftop cow. Now you know why the company’s logo includes a cow.

Best of Hands Barrelhouse
7500 35th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98126

Website –
Facebook –
Instagram –



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Hawthorne Hophouse 2019 IPA Challenge Reveal Party

Brewpublic - Thu, 01/31/2019 - 5:16am
Kick off the month of February at Hawthorne Hophouse as it hosts its 2019 IPA Challenge Reveal Party. At 6:00pm on Friday, February 1st, Hawthorne Hophouse will reveal the best brewed IPA in Oregon and offer $4.00 pints and $12 pitchers! During the month of January, Hawthorne Hophouse hosted its annual IPA Challenge that pits […]
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The Upper Lip to Host Ecliptic + Brooklyn Cosmic Collaboration Release Party

Brewpublic - Wed, 01/30/2019 - 10:23pm
As Ecliptic Brewing celebrates its fifth orbit around the sun, it will partner with The Upper Lip throughout 2019 to host Cosmic Collaboration Release Parties. First up is the Ecliptic + Brooklyn Cosmic Collaboration Release Party that will take place on Saturday, February 2nd from 5:00-8:00pm. Be one of the first to try the Tangerine […]
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Double Mountain to Release 2019 Perry Cider

Brewpublic - Wed, 01/30/2019 - 10:10pm
Hood River, OR – January, 2019: Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom is releasing the newest addition to our seasonal cider lineup. With our press fully up and running, we are enthusiastically experimenting with all things apples and pears. Utilizing Starkrimson and Comice pears allows the cider to become lighter more delicate, with tender aromas of […]
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Glen Hay Falconer Foundation 2019 Brewing Scholarships to Siebel Institute

Brewpublic - Wed, 01/30/2019 - 9:42pm
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 2019 – In collaboration with the Seibel Institute of Technology, the Glen Hay Falconer Foundation is offering two full-tuition brewing education scholarships in 2019.  Both scholarship are full tuition grants and come with generous travel/lodging stipends. The first scholarship is to the World Brewing Academy Concise Course in Brewing Technology in Chicago in November 2019. […]
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Immersion Brewing Can Release Party – Sexy Girlfriend, River Rider, Max Stout, and Hazy-E

Brewpublic - Wed, 01/30/2019 - 9:37pm
After brewing for nearly three years, Immersion Brewing will enter the canned craft beer market this coming weekend. The Bend based brewer will release River Rider, Max Stout, Hazy-E and the very questionably named beer Sexy Girlfriend in 12-ounce cans. On Saturday, February 2nd from 7:00-10:00pm, Immersion Brewing will host its Can Release Party at […]
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Hop Mob Triple IPA Roadshow – the essential info you need to know

Washington Beer News - Wed, 01/30/2019 - 9:51am

By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

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Washington’s annual celebration of Triple IPA kicks off Thursday, February 7th. 

Five years ago Adam Robbings of Reuben’s Brews hatched a crazy idea: he envisioned a beer event featuring a whole bunch of Washington-brewed Triple IPAs on tap at once. The first year, a handful of breweries created beers for the event, but within a couple years the numbers had grown. Now in its fifth year, the Hop Mob Triple IPA Roadshow features beers from over 20 Washington breweries (listed below). Not just a single event, the “roadshow” includes stops at seven different locations (listed below).

By definition, Triple IPA clocks in at 10 percent ABV or higher. It is a notoriously difficult thing to brew, requiring the brewer to balance a hefty malt bill (to provide the requisite ABV) along with lots of hops, which should balance or even outshine any malty sweetness.

The official kickoff event takes place on Thursday, February 7th at Brouwer’s Cafe in Seattle and will feature the largest selection of beers. Starting at 3:00, guests can order from a menu that includes as many as two dozen Triple IPAs, available in small pours and regular-size pours. Likely, a lot of the brewers will attend the kickoff.

Following the kickoff, over the course of the next 10 days events will take place at bars (or brewery taprooms) in West Seattle, Renton, Kirkland, Yakima, Snohomish and Seattle (Lake City). At each of these events, you will find at least eight of the Hop Mob beers on tap, available in taster-size pours and full pours.


Each year in early February, Russian River Brewing releases its Triple IPA, Pliny the Younger. It is one of the nation’s most celebrated beer releases of the year, with lots of fanfare and hoopla. Nary a drop of that ballyhooed beer makes it to Washington. Hop Mob Triple IPA Roadshow was intended to showcase how Washington breweries can produce great beers of this style too. The date is not at all coincidental; it is no accident that Hop Mob happens at the same time of year as the Pliny the Younger release.

Now, Hop Mob has its own legs and the intentional coincidence with Pliny’s release is all but forgotten. In 2017 the official Hop Mob Kickoff event featured 32 Triple IPAs on tap at once. We are pretty sure it was the most Triple IPAs that have ever been on tap at one time, in one place, ever. That year, over 50 of Washington’s breweries produced Triple IPAs for release in early February.

Truthfully, those number were unsustainable and a little bit ridiculous, so now we’ve backed off a bit, moderating ourselves and operating within more reasonable bounds. The kickoff features as many as 24 beers on tap and thereafter each roadshow event features at least eight Triple IPAs on tap, which is still quite remarkable.


3:00 – 11:00
Event page on Facebook


11:00 – 9:00

Noon – 11:00

3:00 –  11:00
Event page on Facebook

3:00 – CLOSE
West Seattle

Seattle (Lake City)

  • 7 Seas Brewing
  • Aslan Brewing
  • Bale Breaker Brewing
  • Big Time Brewing/Beardslee collaboration
  • Cloudburst Brewing
  • Dru Bru
  • Elliott Bay Brewing
  • Elysian Brewing
  • Farmstrong Brewing
  • Georgetown Brewing
  • Matchless Brewing
  • Postdoc Brewing
  • Ravenna Brewing
  • Redhook Brewlab
  • Reuben’s Brews
  • Single Hill Brewing
  • Sound to Summit Brewing
  • Stoup Brewing
  • Three Magnets Brewing
  • Wandering Hop Brewing
  • Wet Coast Brewing


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Block 15 Brewing Presents 2019 Bourbon Month

Brewpublic - Wed, 01/30/2019 - 6:04am
The shortest month of the year is upon us and with the changing of the monthly calendar means that 2019 Bourbon Month will arrive at Block 15 Brewing in Corvallis. Each February Block 15 Brewing dedicates the month’s 28 days to bourbon. This includes food and drink pairings, bourbon barrel aged beers, bourbon-inspired food specials, […]
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Kona Brewing Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Hibiscus Brut IPA

Brewpublic - Wed, 01/30/2019 - 6:03am
  KAILUA-KONA, HI (January 28, 2019) – Kona Brewing Company, Hawaii’s longest-running and favorite craft brewer, celebrates a 25-year Liquid Aloha legacy this year.  Founded by father and son team Cameron Healy and Spoon Khalsa, the company broke ground on its original brewery and pub in Kailua-Kona in February 1994 with a focus on creating uniquely […]
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Everybody’s Brewing Releases Foggy Goggles Hazy IPA in 22oz Bottles

Brewpublic - Tue, 01/29/2019 - 11:02pm
(Press Release) – Everybody’s Brewing announced the release of their new seasonal 22 oz bottle, Foggy Goggles Hazy IPA, available in stores Jan. 29th. Coming in at 6.9% ABV, and 35 IBUs, the hops include a blend of Galaxy, Simcoe, Azacca, and Ella. The brewery plans to keep this beer available in bottles and draft […]
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