Meeting Notes - October 2012

For our inaugural meeting we did not have any set topics of discussion. We kept an open format and invited feedback from those present about how they would like the club to operate. Here are some ideas and suggestions that were made.

Regarding the club as a whole:

  • Keep the club accessible to all. When someone new comes to join us, they need to feel welcome. We don't want the club to become something 'exclusive'
  • Make an effor to share knowledge. This has been highlighted by many as one of the most important things they want to see. "Brewing science is evolving at a rate faster than ever, and it is too much information for any one person to absorb. By share with each other we can help to improve our own, and others, brewing.
  • Keep in mind your perspective is only that of one person. The perspective of someone else may end up being helpful to you.
  • Have an open mind, even a new brewing can teach us all something, as they often are not in the 'we do it this way because we do it this way' mind-set.

Regarding monthly meetings:

  • Have two topics for each month, one style and one process.
  • Meetings are open discussion, but discussion is best if it does relate to the topics in some way.
  • We are not a 'drinking club'
  • Tasting glasses only please! 2-4 oz of a beer is plenty to make a quick evaluation on.
  • Would be nice to have a set of 'club mugs' for tasting/evaluation, we can volunteer to take turns storing and cleaning them.
  • Don't limit the types of beers that can be brought only to those which match the monthly style topic, and it is OK to bring a commercial example.

We also established that the style topic for November is Porter and the process topic is Lagering. Discussions will be lead by Tyler and Chris.

If you feel I missed anything, please comment!